Brave new world

So I arrived home last night, got myself a cup of coffee and settled down to see what Azeroth looked like. About 3am I resurfaced reluctantly as it’s another work day today and I kind of needed to sleep a bit before heading off for the office.

The WoW factor is certainly back.

It was hard to know where to start, but I held firm to my plan to roll a Kaldorei mage and follow the new world in sequence.

I was on Ari long enough to respec her and explore Darnassus, and Nia to respect her & explore Stormwind… but I was holding firm honest I was, and anyway I needed Nia to mail my mage her care package of heirlooms. We just went the scenic route, via the Dwarf quarter to say hallo to our new bankers Jamie, Lee & Curtis. Poor old Olivia, Newton and John I hope they don’t mind me changing branches like that.

Finally, coffee long since cold, I jumped onto Ellylldan (Elly for short) my long anticipated mage. For those interested in such things Ellylldan is Welsh for will of the wisp but can also translate more literally as fire elf. So you probably have a clue what talent tree she’s putting her talent points in.

The first thing I noticed in Shadowglen, new druids were out numbered by new mages. How many of them are even meant to get beyond the starter area I don’t know, but there were a lot of blue robes hanging around the quest givers. Five years I’ve been rolling Kaldorei when bored to redo the starting zone – trying to better my previous record for speeding through the zone as my knowledge gets better and this is the first time I’ve seen any Night Elf class outnumber the druids. Not surprising really but I wonder how long it’ll last.

They moved stuff!

No really new quests but NPC’s  and the order things got done had been shuffled about. I really thought I’d get out of the zone without having to run to the top of the tree, but no up we had to go. At least there’s a new fast & fun way down, but I’d almost perfected the roof jumping so I could land without going splat.
Probably a good thing I didn’t try, mages can’t heal. Something I have to keep reminding myself as I zip around casting orange coloured balls of  ‘ballness’ instead of green ones.
No don’t get me wrong that’s not a comment on the spell animation just this is the first Kaldorei caster I’ve levelled that isn’t a healing hybrid. It’s very odd to have the racial casting animations I’m used to on druids & priests and not have some sort of button to push for the odd self heal. I’m getting used to it though.

They moved and reordered the quests in Teldrassil too, though I hit 10 without doing them all two things I noticed

  1. You get a nightsaber to take you to Ban’ethil Hollow and a Sentinel to accompany you who has this handy mist you can follow to the various artifacts you need to collect, and to Oben. Please don’t be a stubborn little cuss (like what I was) and insist on believing the mist doesn’t know where it’s going. They moved Oben the mist knows where he is and it isn’t where he was.
  2. Tallonkai’s Jewel. They’ve unlinked Ferocitas & his  mystic so you can pull one without the other, and I’d got so good at kiting that, and the jewel is no longer ‘hidden’ in the necklace. Given how often I forgot to prise it loose even when I knew I was supposed to that’s probably a good thing.

On a hippogryph!

So level 10 already, that went fast! Into Darnassus, on a hippogryph yay! Took advantage of Pilgrims to push my cooking to around 100 and trained up enchantment and tailoring. While I’m sure they have good raid buffs and gold making possibilites I want tailoring for the magic carpets & enchanting well just because mages should.

Next stop Darkshore. Well Azuremyst actually as I jumped onto the wrong boat, then couldn’t find the Flightmaster outside Exodar to fly back. Which is when I found a Flightmaster to take me to  Lor’danel.

I’m glad I did the quests on Elly first, Ari is going to be heartbroken at the devastation when I take her there. Yes I know I’m the player they’re just pixels on the screen but I get in their heads or they get in mine and even if it’s solo RP Ari will be effected. Elly less so (her ICC story is coming).

It took me a while to get my bearings, Lor’danel is much further north than I’m used to starting Darkshore, and again they’ve moved mobs around so there are grells in the naga cave. I’m not doing spoilers on the quests but the flow is much better the  story has moved on and there was a certain amount of hugging of NPC’s that were safe and well and had survived. Oh  and I finally found out what Yalda was up to  in Auberdine.

I hit 20 and stopped for the night. Well not quite, had to get a mount and then decided to push my cooking to 300 while Pilgrim’s Bounty was active so a quick trip to SW then to IF then back to SW then back to Darnassus. Around which time I realised the trip would have been a lot quicker if I’d waited four more levels and learnt how to portal first.

Must go quests to do.

Lots and lots and lots of quests