Warlords of Draenor

I’ve been following Blizzcon 2013 via the internet, mainly WoW Insider articles. This has to be first impressions as things will change between now and release

Back to Outlands


Well not quite as we’re going back in time when Outlands was still Draenor. Or year Zero the start of the First War. Blizzard isn’t that good about timelines, different sources give slightly different ones but Mists of Panderia is generally supposed to be year 30 after the First war. WoW itself being year 25  after “Warcraft: Orcs & Humans” (released in 1994).

Azerothian years are longer than  Earth ones in a way not even Doctor Who would understand. You may play an Expansion for two years & celebrate two years worth of annual holidays in game but when the next expansion is released only a year has passed.

  • Yr 25 WoW
  • Yr 26 Burning Crusade
  • Yr 27 Wrath of the Lich King
  • Yr 28 Cataclysm
  •  Yr 30 Mists of Pandaria

(from Wowpedia unofficial Timeline)

I’ve given up trying to work out how old my characters are, being night elves they just declare they stopped counting after the first thousand years or so.

Anyway that was a bit of a sidetrack. I just want to be damn sure that if we’re going back that far I don’t spend the whole expansion disguised as a human, like I am when sent to free Thrall because no-one has met the night elves yet (that happens in Warcraft 3 year 20 ). Which leads us neatly onto…

Updated Character Models

ImageGiven I couldn’t even bring myself to change Ari’s hairstyle when barber shops were introduced I’m not that bothered about this. I’ve played enough other games to know that personally it’s not a big thing. It does occur to me that they are going to have to finally upgrade moonkin form, or lose it altogether.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the night elf bounce animation gets killed off. It has never gone with Grom Hellscream’s first impressions of the night elves  “These women fight with unmatched savagery! I’ve never seen their equal. They are… perfect warriors.” and “They almost look like elves. But they are far too tall, and far too savage.Do they sound like women who bounce with a silly grin on their face?

Hmm maybe with new models come new animations. Ari has wanted to cross her arms & scowl  at people for many years.


On seeing these my first thought was “ooh just like Warcraft 1, 2 & 3.” Which is a good thing. I liked building towns, It looks like you can also create units, called followers and do dungeons & raids. Not sure if that’s with them, like SWTOR where you take a companion with you or if you send them off and some time later they return with loot it looks like the latter from this screen capture.


There’s lots more I want to know about Garrisons, are they per character or per account/server. I’d like the latter as I’m never going to be able to build garrisons for every character, but all of my characters working together now that would be one mighty place.

I’m sure other stuff got announced too but there’s plenty of time to look at them between now and release which I think is Dec 2014. Oh yes insta boost to level 90. Well I’m planning on having lots of 90’s before the expansion hits (hollow laughter) but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it. As I actually like levelling and questing it’s not a major draw for me but I can see it as a good way to bring people back and draw in new players so a sensible option.