WoW Roll Call

Update Oct 2010. I didn’t see the need to do a roll call this year. It’s still these three and a lot of alts that get rolled and then deleted

The blog is just over a year old and the roll call is a touch out of date so heres a newer version

Ari0709First off Arianthorn shes been around since December 2005 and dinged 80 in Nov 2008. Leveled her as a  Balance druid back in Classic WoW,  she dinged 60 in April 2006 and 70 in February 2007. I’ve raided every instance except Classic Nax on her though there are a few Northrend dungeons I’ve still to enter. 247 days played and only 17 of those at 80 (the sparity of blog entries this year may hint that I’ve not been playing that much).

PvP wise she made Master Sergeant back in the day but rarely PvP’s since they intoduced resillence. She rarely PvPed in Classic, if I’m honest, just enough to keep the rank as back then it came with a 10% discount on vendor items and she had a drink problem, one more commonly known as Oomkin.

Many deleted alts later there was Daxtari,(now Briarthorn) rolled in April 2008 it took her till December to get to 70, and she’s currently stuck at 72. Hopefully I’ll find  my way back to her before the next expansion. Dax0709Even if I don’t I’m not deleting her, I like Cinder too much to do that, same pet since level 15, I’ve tried others but they never lasted more than an afternoon before releasing them and getting my red lynx out again

The latest addition to my roll is Nia my “Golden Girl”. Bit of a surprise entry really I’ve tried leveling Paladins before and cursed at their boring auto attack game play and complete lack of any way to pull a mob other than charging in. The overhaul they got for WOTLK  certainly made a differnce, I still had to grit my Nia0709teeth through the first few levels but I had a paladin friend on the sidelines alternating between tempting me with skills to come, driving me around the low level zones in his sidecar a bit of power leveling through the starter dungeons and  loudly declaring that like all my other alts I’d get bored at 20 and  delete her.

Her main reason for being is RP, which is why she’s posing in her ‘Dress Uniform’  the shoulders are place holders until I can get the UBRS ones to drop. From 1 to 78 in one short month.  It did help that may had two bank holiday weekends in it. Haven’t played much at all in June but think I’ll try and push her to 80 soon.

Who’s not there. I have no Death Knight, I did have one but I deleted her, blame Blizz the starter area is too good to do just once, I may reroll one at some point but theres no great rush on that.

Briarthorn, my rogue, I rolled her in July 2008 apparently and she’s been level 24 for the last year, give or take. I’ll give her some love soon, honest.

Roll Call 2008

Arianthorn Windsong

This is Arianthorn my Boomkin, yes I know she’s wearing a feral weapon in this shot but as her current mainhand is the revoltingly pink Hammer of Judgement I prefer to wander around with the wildfury staff. It just goes better with the rest of her gear. Not sure when she turned 70 but over a year ago thats for sure

And we still don’t have swift flight form. Shameful isn’t it. In my defense I was keylogged and had 4k Gold removed from my account, but fortunately no gear sharded etc, and I got her back within 48 hours. I was already raiding by then so it’s proving hard to gather the funds for the riding skill. I nearly had it a month ago but Dax needed her epic land mount and I got a rash of drops that needed gemming & enchanting so I’m hovering at around 4k again. One day I’ll get there. Though knowing WOTLK is coming and I’ll be grounded for seven levels has somehow taken the urgency out of raising the money and doing the quest. Think I’m convinced they’ll lower the amount a week after I achieve it.

Daxtari Harthorne

Next up is Daxtari and the amazing Cinder. A friend of mine helped me shelp all the way to Eversong woods when I was level 15 to tame this red lynx. I know theres no such thing as a unique or even truly ‘rare’ pet in WoW but there won’t be many Alliance with the red lynx, as they only live in the Blood Elf starter area.

They’re both level 63 at the moment and Dax’s gear is a horrible mismatch of early Outland quest rewards. I’d forgotten how much of a ragamuffin they made one look.

There are other characters out there I’ll add them when I’ve got them high enough to be sure I’m keeping them.


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