WOW old pages

The Blog

This is my second attempt at a World of Warcraft Blog (nothing wrong with the first beyond the title attracted more Paladins than druids) so this is a name change, as I’ve ported most of the articles from the first attempt over to here

Why did I pick it well I wanted something from WoW, Glyph of Thorns is coming in Wotlk as part of the Inscription profession, and given the timing this blog will be more about WoW post Wotlk than it will be about Classic WoW or TBC WoW it seemed appropriate to look forward for a name rather than back.

It also meets my other criteria that it alludes to the art of writing and to druids. As an additional bonus it’s also a play on my net nick of many years Thorn’ and one of my favourite suffixes for my alts

I suffer from serious altism, rolling characters getting them to their mid twenties and deleting them, often for the silliest reasons, like I can no longer watch that annoying human jump, the hairstyle irritates me, or I’ve gone off the name.

With the awareness that WoTLK is coming I really want 3 level 70’s before release partly so I have options about what to level to 80 but mainly because I don’t think I’d ever manage to level a character in one pure grind from 1 to 80 once the expansion arrives. The blog is here to help me focus on that goal. It will probably develop into something else as time goes by.

The Person

Outside the MMORPG that is World of Warcraft I’m a Grumpy Old Woman with a teenage son and three cats.

I’m a Brit currently living in Shakespeare’s Country though George Elliot is also one of our famous ’sons’.

Neither my son nor my cats play WoW. Granted my son did and it was originally his account that I play with (it’s okay I got him a second one once I got addicted)

It seemed somehow right as I bought Warcraft back in 1994 and introduced him to the game when he was old enough to sit up at the PC. All cheats enabled of course but he got hooked and pestered me to buy World of Warcraft when it came out in 2005.

I was nagged to create a character and ‘try it out’ so my night elf druid was born. Not 100% sure of the date but her “offical” birthday is December 21st 2005. My son dabbled a bit, while I charged ahead playing late into the night while he slept.


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