The mists are departing

So I started this back with TBC (I think) taking a snapshot of my stats at the end of an Xpac, usually just before the pre-patch so I could look back over time. Coming in the middle of  Mists  there isn’t one for the Cata/MoP hand over.  It also turns out I’ve only got 12 days played on Ari at 90 so there’s nothing special about her gear, still with the stat squish coming tomorrow these are still worth taking a snapshot of. Not going to list her gear as it’s nothing special, timeless Isle stuff mainly and some odd trinkets

Arti 90

I also took a look see at Beithlyn (AD monk) who has 34 days played at 90 (and none at any other level). She’s more impressive as I did actually put some time and effort into getting her gear, most of those 34 days are from RP not  PVE/PVP, not just ilevel but transmog  for looks. Possibly more time into the latter  if I’m honest

Beith 90

Ari has more strength  than Beith? How odd must have had some buff on when I took the shot. Not that it’s important to either of them. Beith switched to Windwalker so she can wander around with two weapons on her back. So far gone are the days when everything was about being ‘raid ready’. I’ve only been paying cursory attention to the class changes coming in WoD. I’ll figure it out as I go.

Bechka got moved to Horde side she’s now a male Bloodelf ‘Botanist’ monk. Blizzard put all the English RP realms into one big CRZ about a month ago. So they can all have walk on parts on AD/MG. (Cos the other RP realms – not real 🙂 ).

Tomorrow new faces if the server stay up long enough to get to a barber shop


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