Branching out

I am still playing, quite a lot the last month but not in my usual hangouts. MG is very quiet even  after being connected to  erm other places.  I was pretty much pottering around playing an hour here and an hour there on my alts, doing some dailies that are real grinds there wasn’t much to write about or to keep me playing.

Then one night, around 3 am as my insomnia was in full force & I was switching realms. I noticed AD was claiming to be full. So I went and had a look as I’ve one abandoned char there from some RP event I attended years ago. Not only was it full, but they were actually RPing. So after a couple of nights  of checking that hadn’t been some fluke and still a bit sleep deprived I went and boosted two level 90’s (it would have been cheaper to transfer one of my MG 90’s over).

A monk and a druid. The druid has become a banker (Like I needed a 90 for that?). The monk has thrived. She is now better  equipped in two specs than Ari is in one. Thanks to pvp dailies. Not that the ilevel is important when you’re roleplaying, but it certainly helps with one-shotting the mobs while transmog hunting.  The latest look courtesy of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40)

Beith Silithus

She’s got a blue theme going mainly because Beckha was red & black and I didn’t want them to end up the same. One of her other looks, courtesy of Wowhead who now have a preview for WOD feature is :

wod beith preview

Yes we ‘kept’ the bokken, one of the pluses of  boosting I can cherry pick the quests that have rewards I like.

So I’m having a great time rping most days with an long established guild on AD., and woefully forgetting my army of chars on MG. I’m considering Ari making the move too, but want to wait and see, because you know if Ari comes than Briar and Nia are bound to follow, just because. I have a massive affection for MG. It’s been my WoW home since 2005, and I’m hoping connecting it up will reinvigorate the RP, so no drastic decisions till December.

(Which means I’ll impulsively move a whole bunch over next week and then regret it later)


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