For the horde?

I don’t consider myself much of a mount collector. Though I’ve still managed to collect 75 of them of them over the years. I’m still firmly wedded to epic flight form and wish all my chars had it.

Argent Hippogrpyh

As they can’t they need mounts, preferably ones I like, and at the moment that’s my hippogryph and the red flying disc. I treated myself to the Cenarion hippogryph back in June 2010. I’ve finally added a second hippogryph to the stables. The Silver Covenant one.

It’s not for Ari though it’s for all the little hordlings I intend to level on  whatever realm MG ends up being connected to, (probably all of the RP realms except for AD). I have a sneaking suspicion they’re all going to end up blood elf females & I truly dislike those squawking chicken things they get.

The 90 boost is in and I’m having a hum and a haa about blowing £40 to create a Shaman. I never have been able to level them, some of which might be the races available. It’s not that I haven’t tried every race Blizz offers it’s just that I seem to fall back on elves & humans. Maybe I’ll wait till the model revamp, they may seem less clunky after that.

I’m also adding getting the Flameward hippogryph to my ‘to do while waiting for WOD’ list and maybe other in-game ones. Need to check on which they are. The Argent can wait until I feel like doing the Tournament dailies again.

edit 14/10/14 Turns out the  Silver Covenant is Alliance only. It’s the Argent that is cross faction so did get that too. Still about 35 tokens away from the  Mount Hyjal one as the dailies drag on and I skip doing them for a week or three.


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