May I introduce my monk to you.

I didn’t come back to play a monk. I was missing my druid. The thing is though that on a 10 day free trial Blizzard caps the XP so you can’t level beyond 85. Clever ploy because I needed to play something other than my four 85’s and well there was this new class I hadn’t tried before. I did try a Pandaren honest but  I’m really not into anthromorphised animals. I am into elves though or maybe forward rolls  as my main complaint about human females is the jump animation.


So Bechka was born. We raced through the levels, heirloom gear mainly. I often skipped the daily monk quest as we were levelling quite fast enough without it. I love the mechanics, building Chi to power finishers and regaining mana from specials or drinking brew, while semi passively healing herself and anyone  around her.

I have to admit I find the amount she needs to ‘drink’ quite funny. Having played a balance druid in classic back when they were called Oomkins I always joked about Ari’s ‘drinking problem’ as I had to carry stacks of drinks for knocking back between fights, but it pales in comparsion with Bechka’s need to drink midfight.

Usually I get my alt to the level cap and then wonder what to do with them, but I’m probably playing Bechka more than Ari at the moment. Now some of that is down to transmog as while I’ve always known Ari would wear Tier 4 if she had the choice (and now she does) I’m still trying to find Bechka’s look.

I know I want it to be streamlined and simple. We started by running multiple Wailing Caverns to get the Embrace of the Viper set, but it’s a bit too pink. She’ll probably wear it during the lunar festival though, it has more of a party vibe than a work wear one.

There’s a no kilts/robe rule. Given all the kicking she does a full length dress just isn’t practical. I’d like her to be barefoot hence the prospectors boots in the picture above, but there are very few items with that skin and even fewer items that work well with them.

I pretty much transmog every staff she gets into the monk staff. Not least because monks wear normal staves upside down and it irritates me. She’s been using a sword recently and it was some wierd and wonderful Klakki shape so I decided it was time to find something simpler & I vaguely remembered I’d come across practice wooden swords  before now, not that I’d ever had a character to equip them on. So thanks to a few minutes spent on wowpedia I discovered  Misery’s End a wooden bokken skin as a quest reward and off we went to Southern Barrens to claim it. Which somehow led to rep grinds for three  WOTLK factions to get the shoulder,chest & leg pieces for the Brazen  Trepass Arnour coupled with bards boots & gloves and a Dementia helm to turn her into a ninja monk


I guess we’re never too old to play dress up. I’m not done with collecting outfits for her yet. I’m even going back to Karazhan to try and get the Bloodfang recolour for her.  I have discovered I like soloing dungeons, well I sort of knew it already but a new character and transmog gives me all the excuse I need.


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