The Grand Plan

Pottering around with no overall game plan is usually a recipe for me to get bored and move on so I need a grand plan. Whether I achieve it or not is another matter.

Having ummed and ahhed I’ve decided to get my banking guild from level 1 to 25 and get as many as possible of the guild achivements.  This takes more than one alt sitting in it running between the bank and Auction House. So I’ve made a small army of alts, or added to the small army. As the guild is called the  Nightwing Sentinels I decided they all needed to be female night elves. Which means no shaman or warlock, I already have Nia as a level 85 human Paladin and I’m not kicking her out.  When connected realms get implemented I may take advantage of it to introduce non night elf warlock & shamans or not.

Introducing my  team:


These five are my stalwarts Ari* &  Beckha are already 90. Elly, Briar & Nia are pottering around in the mid eighties, they’re unlikely to be a priority getting to 90. Though Briar is picking up XP as my pet trainer.  Something MOP introduced that I’m enjoying more than I expected.

*Ari isn’t in the Sentinels she is still my main and in a ‘proper’ RP/raiding guild. Though so far not raiding as she lacks the gear.

Then there are the new kids on the block. Not going to name them as given my past history some of them may disappear and be rerolled with minor changes. I’m hoping this time I’ll stick with the ones I’ve made and just use the barber shop if I get bored with a look

B Team

You can probably figure them out from the gear but in case you can’t it’s DK, Warrior, Priest, Rogue and Druid.  Yes a second druid. What else am I supposed to do with all that heirloom gear? She’s levelling as resto, mainly because having levelled Bechka as Mistweaver I want to see if resto levelling is possible, and along the way I may actually figure out the  MoP version of druid healing.

The guild has already gone from level 1 to 6, but I’m betting it’ll get harder the higher I take it. I’ve somehow managed to get two PvP achievements for it Undead Slayer and Blood Elf Slayer I think that’s Nia as she did some PvP in Cata.  So will probably have her pop into BG’s to pick up all the other horde races. mainly we’ll work on the profession and rep achievements as it’s impossible to do any of the “guild run” type achievements when there’s never more than one  character online at any given time.

Part of the reason I decided to do this are the changes to Azeroth during Cataclysm. Both Bechka & Elly were focussed on reaching the level cap ASAP  and there are so many questlines I missed out on in the revamped zones. This time round even if the char out levels the zone I’m going to try and complete it. I have a feeling some will still get skipped. Only time will tell.


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