Lost in the Mist

Or maybe found again.

After a break of nearly two and a half years I have returned to Azeroth. I took advantage of their 10 day free trial of MOP at the beginning of August and clearly have stayed on.

I wasn’t going to return to blogging. Apparently that’s so 2010. Yet I keep wanting to record things and I’ve found this old blog great for reminding me of things I’d forgotten. So I’m defrosting it. I never really had an audience so I doubt there’s anyone out there waiting for it’s return.

So what did I want to record. I finally have a full druid Tier 4 for Ari.

malorneI first entered Karazhan in 2007, it was by far my favourite raid. The helm never dropped for me. Oh it dropped but I lost the rolls, then I got a ‘better’ helm from Gruul’s lair so didn’t need it. I went back at 80  with friends in an attempt to get it and again at 85 , but I never got to finish the set.   Of course by then it was only going to be something to keep in the bank as  it was far too low level to wear and anyway I was almost always in Moonkin form so no-one (including me) was that bothered by clothes except for RP.  I knew WoW had introduced Transmogrification while I was off playing  other games but no-one told me about  Glyph of Stars.  Or the now retired Glyph of the Moonbeast (which allowed me to cast HT and rejuv in moonkin form).

With those two I got to play the way I preferred in night elf form and able to chuck heals. The way I did back in classic when moonkin form only got used in raids for the crit buff.


Of course that meant I had to look good doing it and I’ve always loved Tier 4 not just because it had legs rather than a robe or kilt but because it was the first tier gear that came with a balance  version.  It’s also in my opinion anyway the best of the antler helm designs.

No wearing some odd hodgepodge of gear as I had at level sixty (memory lane post for details behind the pic). So every week since I’ve been back I’ve been in Kara clearing it, and still the helm didn’t drop.  Till last week, seventh time lucky. Probably closer to seventieth if we count from the very first time we got to Prince back in 2007. I may return to Molten Core & try to get hold of that staff. It was my first epic ever.

Of course I’ve not just been clearing Karazhan since I got back, but that’s a subject for another post or three.


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