New Directions

I stopped playing WoW  in February so this blog has been languishing since then, well since December 2010 going by the last entry. Sometime between now and the 20th I’ll be heading for a Galaxy far, far away.

I’m not sure  if this will become a SWTOR blog or remain dormant. I wasn’t going to play SWTOR. Not the worlds greatest fan of the franchise but I was  ‘persuaded’ to sign up for the beta and got to play in both the stress weekends and appear to be hooked.  So I’ve pre-ordered it and intend to give it a real go. At least until April when the game I’m really interested in should launch.

Not that I haven’t been gaming in the intervening months I just wasn’t in Azeroth but in that ‘other’ place.  I never seemed to be inclined to blog about it though.

I’m still umming and ahhing about having subs to two games running.  Financial restrictions, no reflection on the games involved. Like a lot of people I’m living under the threat of redundancy so come April I may be giving up on all subscription games and moving into the F2P.

So this might be the final post on this blog or it may be the start of a much wider remit for it. Only time can tell. I never say never but for now my Moonkin has definitely ridden off into the sunset.


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