Busy busy week

Well Elly got to 77 before my copy of Cataclysm arrived in the post Tuesday morning and I abandoned her to focus on Ari getting to 85.

Well not quite, there were so many people running around the  New zones that we were fighting over mobs so I rolled a goblin on a low pop server to  try out their starter area. She’s called Chavette. She’s not a serious alt but she did mean I could see the starter zone and I admit it’s hilarious. I have a feeling on wet Sunday afternoons I’ll be rolling goblin alts just to play around with my homies for a few hours. The zone and the quests are just downright funny.

Not giving too much away as I know some people are STILL waiting for their copies to arrive in the post. It seems from different companies but all using the Royal Mail rather than other carriers and honestly it must suck seeing all the oohing and ahhing going on when you’re stuck on the wrong side of the expansion.

Then I rolled a worgen rogue to see Gilneas (this one on MG as she is meant to be a keeper). I was going to make her male. Then I looked at the human male options and went back to rolling a female.  She will spend a lot of time in human form.

The two starter zones couldn’t be more different. Even though both races are fighting for their continued existence. It rains in Gilneas all the time, even on the character log in screen. Thank goodness we don’t have smellorama all those wet dogs running around.

I like both zones, one high jinks and comedy the other  all emo and moody but it did occur to me that a brand new player would have very different expectations of what came next based on their experiences in the Goblin & Worgen zones.

One think about Gilneas and players behaviour made me smile. It was just as overrun with people trying to do quests but where in Mount Hyjal there was ninja tagging going on in Gilneas people were  queuing politely. I think being surrounded by all those fake London accents and the rain must have affected peoples behaviour, for the better.

Okay it probably had more to do with the fact no one in the starter zones was trying for server firsts and every second delay counted but I didn’t see the same willingness to queue in the Goblin area. Fortunately the ninjaing  mobs calmed  down after the first 48 hours and the Cataclysm zones began queueing or forming impromptu groups to get things done.

Ari hit 85 last night, or early this morning about 1am. We went

Mount Hyjal – loved the zone, so much Night Elf and druid lore. Druids of the Talon out in force and Thisalee Crow was very much Arianthorn’s type of druid :). Got the quest achievement

Vashj – Didn’t bother finishing it the  whole underwater thing got old very quickly for me, will probably go back at some point. In fact I have to to unlock a dungeon

Deepholm – Lovely intro to access the zone, shame once you’re there its all bleak and multiple shades of earth tones. Not somewhere to go on a wet Sunday afternoon unless you want to be depressed, didn’t finish it.

Vashj and Deepholm got me enough XP to go to Uldum. Lots and lots of cut scenes to move the story along or the archaeology sub-plot  anyway.

The cut-scenes are new for Cataclysm, well okay WOTLK  had Wrathgate. They really come into their own in Uldum  and hats off to Blizzard for using them. One thing you notice in all the zones the story is much more personal. The NPC’s recognise you and respond to your past deeds, which is phasing not cut-scenes. I really enjoyed this zone and the  feeling that my character was making a difference. Got the quest achievement before moving on to

The Twilight Highlands. In some ways the same theme as Mount Hyjal & Uldum “go seek out allies for us” but it didn’t get old because  it was well done and fits the theme of the expansion. Dinged 85  during the retaking of Grim Batol and kept going to finish the storyline. Well worth it.

Here’s Ari in her quest rewards and one  piece of reputation gear (the gloves from Mount Hyjal). her health has almost tripled from 33k to 95k. Clearly something is going to hit hard. It currently takes  three Healing Touches to fill up her health bar. Heh her strength and agility has gone up by one whole point. Good job she doesn’t rely on them to get the job done.

Intellect  has almost doubled from around 1.9k  to 3.5k though the spellpower hasn’t jumped quite as much. The rest of her stats are ‘wonky’ we’ve been taking what we could get as we moved along (around level 83 you start replacing T10) rather than doing dungeons for slightly better gear. The dungeon trawling starts now. Well unless I take Briar into Vashj for some skinning. Prices for  mats on the AH is currently at an all time silly  people are asking over 100 gold for  green BOe drops that given the speed of levelling and the quest rewards will probably been worn for a few hours at most.


2 thoughts on “Busy busy week

  1. How you doing!
    I’m still around, on a break from WoW at the moment (which is why the blog is not updating) playing Rift for a change of pace instead

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