wrapping up

I should have done this before 4.01 hit but I was distracted so for future reference my gear coming out of Wrath

The only gear change between 3.3.5 and 4.01 is the Belt of Petrifried Ivy from badges to activate the  Leather Specialisation.

I had the cloth one before that, mainly for the graphics as I really dislike the ‘clunkiness’ of that belt.

Don’t know why the item level is saying 0. It shows 270 in game. Gearwise its mainly T10 266 version with:

Volde’s Cloak of the Night Sky

Phaseshifters Bracers

Leather of stitched Scourge parts

Boots of Unnatural Growth

filling in the other main item slots.

The staff is of course Nibelung. Which is probably the only piece that will get banked for future RP use. I’m truly fed up of seeing druids in T10  so will be switching it out as soon as I can. From what I’ve read about beta it won’t see me through the five levels to 85, unlike T6 which I wore into Nax, and I’ll cheer as I remove it. Well unless of course the alternatives are uglier.


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