Irvine we have a problem

4.01 has landed.

Well for most there are still some people struggling to get past the downloading stage.

Everytime I log on Ari is in her guild tabard – which as it’s in the bank not her bags is pretty impressive – often tucked into her trousers. Still it’s an improvement on last night when every time I shifted the helm display turned itself back on.  That was so annoying I ended up removing my helm. It seemed to fix itself when the ‘non critical’ updates finished downloading. Or it may of been I turned on ‘out of date add-ons’ and Outfitter is handling the display now not Blizz

I’m sure you’ve heard the cursing of the warlocks as they discover their pets have all been renamed. Don’t worry a hotfix is coming.

The fury of Warriors, the spitting of Cats and the limp wristed threats of retribution from Paladins as their dps disappeared into the nether. It’s okay guys you’re going to be tweaked.

There was a lot of gnashing and wailing last night, still as we old hands said when 2.01 came out and again when 3.01 came out, better now than when the expansion is released. There are still people who don’t ‘get’ that not only is everything now tuned around 85 not 80 but that beta is still ongoing and changes are being made.

So being British I can only say:

I’m still finding my way around the new default UI. Not helped by the fact Lunarsphere isn’t updated for 4.01 so I actually have to open bags  and UI tabs to find things I’m used to clicking on. Still Moongaze is working on getting a 4.01 version up and I’m impatiently checking their site every 30 minutes or so in the hope they’ve burned the candles at both ends and fixed it.

There are other bits missing from my UI as they haven’t updated or were discontinued a while back but still worked for 3.XX. I need new Unit frames for one

I spent a good part of the night messing with power auras . I don’t like the new default ones. Mainly because I can’t tweak them and what I want to know isn’t always what they want to tell me.

The screenshot shows most of the ones I can up at any given time. Although the vertical yellow/blue bar is icehuds inbulit eclipse bar. It’s not pretty but at least I’m not constantly having to look at my  char plate to see whats happening. The big green snowflake in the middle is informing me the nature damage proc is up (I use arcane brillance icon for arcane damge) I know we’ve had eclipse for two years now but I still can’t remember which (solar/lunar) procs which magic school. I mean wrath isn’t particularly ‘solar’ and stars are distant suns so why are they ‘lunar’ ?

Now we have moonfire (lunar) and sunfire (solar) I might just figure it out without having a big green or blue blob on my screen. Then again I may never remove the visual clue. It stays up the whole time I have the proc not just at the start like Blizz’s standard.

The blue diamonds are moonfire on the target & the green ones insect swarm (I have a yellow version for sunfire too ) makes knowing when to refresh a lot simpler.

The big white circle is erm… um that new thing we got last night oh yes… shooting stars …resets starsurge and makes it instant cast. It whirls madly to catch my attention. Though I’m still not sure if I’m meant to cast starsurge every time it’s up or use it tactically. Time and  hard core Moonkin bloggers will probably tell me long before I get to 85.

The three little icons at the bottom are there to tell me starfall, starsurge, and treants are off cd and usuable.

Right off to find some unit frames I like


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