Identity crisis

Lets talk about my hunter, who is currently 78 and been through a few undocumented changes in the last  few months.

Probably the biggest was when I faction changed her to Horde and Orc.

I keep wanting to have a horde character so I can see the game from the ‘other side’ but I really don’t like the animations of the races.  They run funny. Yes I know some people think Nigh Elves run funny but I like their run animation so it doesn’t bother me.

So instead of  starting another alt I spent some dosh and Daxtari became Daxta. She stayed horde long enough to complete Wrathgate and acquire a suitable pet. The red lynx didn’t really go with the Orc facelift.

Then she  just sort of stayed there, not doing much. Most of the quests that differ are lower level than she is though we did do a few in Azshara of all places.

After a few weeks I had to admit the experiment was a failure, I still wasn’t playing her much and when I did I usually wanted to smack the horde  questgivers in the face. Now there are a few Alliance ones that make me feel the same way but it seemed moreso on Horde side. Though it might not have helped that I was dealing with Conqueror Krenna a fair bit.

Added to that Ari was missing her ‘go to gal’ for leather and as the planned replacement was still running around  Southern Kalimdor  trying to level up I figured if all my hunter was going to do was  skin beasts she might as well do it where my main could benefit most from her skills.

To complete the transformation a certain hunter re-rolled rogue and stuck as banker in her thirties was asked to move aside so I could reuse the name.

And lo it came to pass that Briarthorn, Arianthorns kid sister  refound her orginal vocation as a hunter.

According to WoW census Briarthorn the Kaldorei hunter first appeared on MG in mid December 2005 and took till January 2008 to reach level 42.  (She was recorded by WoW Census about a week before they spotted Ari but I’m pretty sure Ari was rolled first).

The third sister, Runethorn, is currently posing as a priestess, having decided not to use the name for a deathknight I’m considering it for my mage. Of course there are some RP consequences if Ari’s sister becomes a mage, but a lot less than if she was a Deathknight, and knowing me I might well have changed my mind again by the time Cata finally hits the servers.


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