Did it

Finally took down the Lich King on 25 man last night.

Both our 10 man groups did it a  while back, but our 25 man has been struggling with attendance and balanced raids since the early summer. Plus we’ve not been resetting as we were collecting shards for Shadowmourne which was completed  last week yay! So our first 25 man kill was done with one of our Death Knights  wielding it.

I’ve been quiet here because really there’s not much going on. Pretty much been logging on for raids and then logging off. I had a friend die a few days after my last entry and not had much ‘appetite’ for WoW news since. It puts things in perspective between real life and a video game. Well for a while and then the Video game begins to draw one back in because you can’t grieve forever.

Fridays have been given over to doing Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 man) which I achieved last week and now have 310% flight form. Okay I have the Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake but  I’ve only wanted it since Blizz made any 310 mount turbo charge  swift flight form.  Aria is never going to be a major mount  collector, I’m too wedded to flight form


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