Catch up

I’ve  been a busy little druid. Decided to finally drop inscription as a profession and level up jewelcrafting. Which I got to 450 in about a week. When not dowing dragons I’ve been chasing achievements

Knights of the Ebon Blade: Earn exalted status with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Which led to:

Northrend Vanguard: Gain exalted reputation with the Argent Crusade, Wyrmrest Accord, Kirin Tor and Knights of the Ebon Blade.

I was very close to Knights. I’d walked away from their dailies a while back as Ari really isn’t into killing people and turning them into undead. She doesn’t trust  Death Knights any more than she does the scourge or the forsaken, but by avoiding the particular quest that requires you to turn  crazy living people into mindless undead ones it only took two days to bump her up to exalted. I guess I must have remembered to put the tabard on a few times while doing heroics.

This was closely followed by:

The Twilight Destroyer: Defeat Spyro Halion in The Ruby Sanctum in 25-player mode.

I even remembered to take a kill shot while in ‘druid’ form not moonkin. Hmm no I think I prefer my goofy five year old moonkin model to tier 10.

The latest beta build brought up in the forums that  old argument about not being able to see your armour when shifted and how unfair it it too balance druids.

Seems like a straw man argument to me I can see my armour anywhere I need to ‘pose’ and I’m not looking at it when I’m in combat which is the only time you need to be in moonkin form. I see moonkins idling around cities and wonder why.

I also picked up

Oh My, Kurenai: Earn exalted status with the Kurenai. On my way to getting the 25 tabards and 30 exalted reps. In the process I think I singlehandedly crashed the netherweave cloth market on the server. Ogres in Nagrand drop a LOT of netherweave.

Poking around my achievements tab I noticed I was only three away from  “Hail to the Chef” so I obtained a hat and  did another tour of Azeroth to collect 160 recipes for Cooking with Style and Chef de Cuisine which only leaves  Dinner Impossible to get.

Also somewhat randomly I picked up  Leaning Tower and  Tempest Keep. I swear I’ve killed Kael’thas (in Tempest Keep) before but obviously not


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