I did it!

Oh yes go me. Without having to ask for help I did the last few quests in Northrend. I’m sure I would have got help if I’d asked but I’m stubborn like that. I got stuck on 140 ‘The Admiral revealed’ (which seemed the most doable of the options I had).

It wasn’t so much that he killed me or the wandering patrol respawned and killed me that I found dispiriting but that the graveyard was so far away and I was so tired when I tried (after raids usually) that not once but twice I ‘fell’ off Icecrown into Sholazar basin and had to ress at the Spirit healer. So I very sensibly walked away from him for a few days and went after  some easy achievements.

Popped on tonight pondering what I needed to do to get that extra five seconds of health to kill him and remembered I was an OwlBEAR and if Owl was a bit too fragile well  hallo Admiral meet Bear.

Now to get to him I was pure owl nothing beats typhoon + starfall for clearing the packs on the way to the guy. Once clear I switched specs and thought I’d feral charge him, but while I was still trying to figure out where I’d put that button on my action bar I wandered a bit too close and he charged me. Then it was just  pound away at the buttons. No finesse at all but then bears aren’t ones for finesse are they.

It took a while to wear him down but Ari’s health never dropped below 90%

From  deciding to go for it to achieving it took about four weeks in between other stuff. Having listened to other players and read comments I honestly expected it to take longer and be more of a trial than it was.  I couldn’t have managed it without Everyquest though. It really did help knowing what quests Ari still had outstanding rather than relying on my clearly flawed memory.

Right going to stand around in Dalaran & show off my tabard a bit more now.


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