Something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, is using my dual spec for bear rather than resto.

The reasoning isn’t terribly  coherent but it goes something like this, I enjoyed playing balance most when I could operate as an emergency tank, whether this was in Classic WoW where the gear I wore was hybrid enough to allow me to drop into bear and pull adds off healers, or in TBC when Panzerkin was kind of almost viable for a while.

When dual spec arrived, without really thinking about it I chose resto, after all druids were always first in the queue to respec healing because of the teleport to the Moonglade  trainer  trick.  I assumed I’d still get asked to respec healer a fair bit.

It hasn’t turned out that way though, now all healing capable classes can switch between dps and healing theres no priority on  druids doing it. It’s actually more common for resto druids to use their balance spec on healing ‘lite’ encounters than it is for balance druids to switch on healing heavy enconters. Or it is in the groups I run with anyway.

With less tanks needed per raid  the loss of one of them has more impact than the loss of a single healer, and we all know LFG need tanks & healers more than dps.

I dabbled with it with my baby druid, well at least till she turned 40 and went moonkin – one day I’ll stick at levelling a druid as feral – I just prefer pew pew to paw paw, and she may go back at 50 when mangle becomes available.

So anyway with ten mans, old school raids and generally something different to do till the expansion I am going to give teddy tanking a go at level 80 and maybe while levelling to 85,

1. Get the gear

2. Get the spec

3. Solo Kara

4. Tank ICC 10 man.

You can see the flaw can’t you the massive gap in aspiration between 3 and 4.

I’m currently working on 1. Using guides on 80 starter gear for new ferals as a jumping off point. I say jumping off point because I do have access to ICC gear and  my first dkp bid as a trialist was for  Ikfirus’s Sack of Wonder (yes the heroic version) and my second for Toskk’s Maximized Wristguards both of which I won as the only bidder.

Do feel free to point people at this post as an example that gearscore does not equal abilty to do the job.

I’m also surfing the bear blogosphere looking for tanking 101 advice – which is what reminded me I was neglecting my own blog.

Some links I’ll be coming back to:

If you’re wondering why 3 well I want to pick up tier4 and its not solable as boomkin and it gives me a place to practice  bear moves without an audience.

It’ll be a while before I’m ready to PUG anything and I’m already doubting if I can pull this off. So I keep reminding myself that at 60 even with a balance spec I was a better tank than some diehard ferals  – at least until a little voice says –“that was at 60 and it was because they sucked”


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