Snapshot time

Another entry for the time capsule, a snapshot of gear  as we finally leave Naxx and enter Ulduar. Alright we’re two bosses in to Ulduar already but the screenshots are the gear I had when  3.1 hit the server.

ari31First the look. Thats full tier 7 that is. I think its the first time I managed to wear and use a full tier set while it was still ‘top of the range’.

And just look at mah weapon I got  wraith strikethe first time it dropped for us. One happy boomkin, one not so happy elemental shaman.

There arn’t any spellpower fist weapons in 3.1 so I’ll have to give it up soon. We’ve already had the Guiding Star drop once and I’ll bid on it but  graphics wise its almost as bad as the pink lollipop, though more baby’s rattle.  I do care about my Moonkins street cred you know, and seriously we start off low enough running around as a big antlered owls, and with weapons being the only visible indication (well okay Wraith Strike doesn’t show up out of combat normally) I can get quite riled up about  lollipops or baby rattles rather than  impressive staves. Hmm looking at Wowhead I don’t seem to have much choice its the baby rattle or a minor  upgrade with a  dagger. There are some nice staves that have the same spellpower as the  baby’s rattle but then I lose the offhand frill.  Intensityis probably worth going after though as according to Wowhead the only caster leather gear with hit is three of our tier pieces (double that up for  normal & heroic) while there are 14  non tier pieces of cloth armour with hit to be had. Hits not the only stat obviously but it is kind of important.


Now the character stats. You’ll notice that even though I own the valorous dreamwalker legs I’m not wearing them, the cloth ones, surprise surprise,  have hit on them

so new moonkin 80 was

  • Str 137
  • Agi 138
  • Sta 659
  • Int 738
  • Spr 384
  • Spellpower 1376
  • Hit 238
  • Crit 15.76%
  • Haste 148

If I lost STR and AGI it must be because those screenshots above lack MOTW. Really should have applied it for the moonkin shot as its a nice boost to spirit & int and therefore spellpower.

  • Str 95
  • Agi 96
  • Sta 968
  • Int 1008
  • Spr 464
  • Spellpower 2055
  • Hit 276
  • Crit 24,79%
  • Haste 282

Just look at that spellpower increase and funny 2k isn’t even a ‘marker’ like 300 was in Classic and 1k was in TBC. I’m not even sure there is a boomkin marker for Wotlk, maybe because of the change to spellpower its not the stat we ‘struggle’ to obtain anymore. My haste still sucks compared to some raiding moonkins but I’ve decided haste doesn’t work for me. To get the most out of haste you need to queue casts and I don’t seem to do that very well I’m either too quick with the mashing and get ‘spell not ready’ or too slow so there’s no real queue.

I did drop a point from celestial focus so I only have 2% from the talent. I think the 20% haste buff from natures grace compensates if my crit stays high, though I await a final verdict I can understand from the theory casters on that. I also dropped intensity in 3.1. Going to see how I cope without it.

I picked up two points in brambles and saw thorns  jump from around 4% of the tanks damage to 9%.  Dependent on fights and tank class obviously. Now I just have to get back into the habit of casting it.


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