RP Reactions

From Too Many Anna’s another fun RP Friday Five

How is your character reacting to…

  1. D.E.H.T.A?
  2. The Vrykul?
  3. Deathknights?
  4. The Blue Dragonflight?
  5. Fordring’s Return (if Alliance), the New Plague/the Apothecaries (if Horde)?

D.E.H.T.A :

Arianthorn had a /facepalm moment when she came across DEHTA, have they really forgotten one of their first lessons about culling  the wildlife to ensure a balance is kept. On consideration she decided in their own extreme way they are contributing to maintaining that balance, but shes not happy about burning effigies, and while she’s helped them out  she has no intention of seeking their company.

Dax just decided they’re mental, but  has no problem killing Nessingway’s men and claiming the bounty on their ears. After all its less competition for her own hunting. She also tends to think traps are the cowards way out, you should face your prey and ensure a quick clean kill.


Ari  hasn’t really thought much about the Vrykul, they’re big and they attacked her. She may wonder more about who and what they are when more pressing matters are attended to.

Dax the same, but Dax doesn’t think much about the bigger picture at the best of times. The walrus guy offered her a nice reward for doing his dirty work she went and did it.


It’s going to take a lot more than the King of Stormwind declaring them  ‘redeemed’ to move Arianthorn from her well known  stance of “the only good undead is a dead undead”. For now they occupy the same  position in her mind as Warlocks, she doesn’t openly depise or kill them because of the Kaldorei alliance with the Humans Dwarves and Gnomes. Though there’s no such restriction on those who are members of the Horde.

Dax has barely  noticed them. Not really registering much beyond the fact that there’s another  exotic equine mount that some people seem determined to ride.

The Blue Dragonflight:

This is a hard one for Ari, they’re dragons after all and  along with the Green & Red flights one that Ari has grown up respecting for their wisdom. She fought alongside members of all three flights during the War of the Shifting Sands and considers them as a sort of moral compass in some ways. It’s remnants of the Blue Flight that stand guard over Mount Hyjal in Winterspring, protecting it from further demon incursions

She even tends to agree with Malygos that the use of magic is becoming too commonplace, How can it be right to take these great natural forces and use them for menial tasks like swabbing decks?

It’s taken speaking with Alexstrasza to convince Ari that the Blue Flight and their intentions really are a danger to Azeroth, rather than just hyberbole from a few arrogant humans.

Dax attitude is as always very simple, their skins sell well and they’re  worthy prey. Politics she leaves to others.

Fordring’s Return:

Human history isn’t  Ari’s forte, he’s just a high commander in their army to her. (She never did the EP questline preferred Winterspring)

Dax has yet to meet or notice him.


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