Happy Hallows End

I wasn’t going to get drawn in by Achievements no not me I can resist. Erm well no I can’t it seems. I really wasn’t going to try for the Hallows End one, then I got a Sinister Squashling from an orphan and suddenly the game was on

All the achievements needed for the meta done and with time to spare. Which is good because inbetween chasing Hallow Ends achievements I’ve been farming Stratholme & Scholomane for Argent Dawn rep to achieve exalted. Which means I’m now exalted with 10 factions.

Not one of them an Alliance Capital though. I umm and ahh about that one the way they changed the discounts it makes sense to get exalted with them but I find doing low level quests a pain though I did get to revered with Exodar just by doing the Azuremyst quests so it should be possible, not in the next two weeks though as I’m back at work on Monday.

We’ve also been raiding and suddenly I have new gear.

Thunderheart Shoulderpads. This gives me the 3 sec extension to moonfire, it seems a bit moot with the current moonfire/starfire glyph combination but as I’ll be leveling without the moonfire one it’ll help there.

I also picked up the Nethervoid Cloak so I won’t be going into Wotlk with my Gruul one after all

I took a chance on Rejuvenating Bracers too which are now as good for dps as healing.

I’m struggling a bit with what is and isn’t worth picking up, it seems every stat has some use to moonkin now, though I turned down Hammer of Atonement it has exactly the same stats as my dagger but a lilac hammer is only marginally less yuck than the pink hammer I’ve moaned about for months

We did go back to Sunwell Plateau and saved Kalecgos from the Sathrovarr the Corrupter. Now even nerfed thats an interesting fight that requires you stay awake,

It takes place in two dimensions you have to kill Sathrovarr in one before he kills Kalecgos human form while also fighing Kalecgos dragon form in this dimension.

Then we fought our way to Brutallas and got to see the cut scene where he defeats the blue dragon Madrigosa. Then we wiped at him, but we’ll be back

I tried to get a decent screen shot of hurricane in MH but couldn’t quite catch one that had loads of big yellow number while also mad scrolling of mana regen, but this one almost captures both. It’ll be gone soon, well the mana regen, but it was fun while it lasted.

I won’t miss the one button spamming I was reduced to with the mf/sf glyph combination. Somewhere somewhen Ghostcrawler when singing the praises of Eclipse said he wanted to make Boomkin spell rotations more interesting. All Patch 3.0.2 did was make them less interesting.

Pre Patch once hurricane was on cd I’d be tabbing through mobs dotting them with mf & or IS as a poor mans AOE. On single targets I’d open with imp:ff & is then the standard mf/SFx3 chucking in an imp:ff every so often (not dead on 40 secs).

Yeah my damage is much better post patch, but I could probably have trained a hamster to do it.


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