That’s one big Mother…

We went back to Black Temple tonight & realised just how much they nerfed the bosses. We one shotted:

Mother Shahraz

then had a little sit down before

one shotting the Illdari Council (yes thats Akama the council were sort of spread everywhere)

then it was the big guy himself. This has to be the oddest kill of the night as we were all dead before him, not sure if it was DoTs or Maeve but as vent was busy with ‘let’s try again’ chatter up popped the achievement for clearing Black Temple.

Not done yet, just look at Recount for Illidan:

Yes thats me 2nd on the meter, and I died in phase 3.

We’re doing Mount Hyjal tomorrow (at least we’ve done that the old fashioned way so zerging won’t feel quite like cheating) then after reset we’re hopefully going to poke our noses in Sunwell. I have a lot of reading up to do. I’d got as far as the Reliquary of Souls and really wasn’t expecting to do anything but wipe on the Big Momma tonight, so I’ve only the vaguest clue, beyond nuke em what was going on tonight. I hope when WotLK comes out they un-nerf the TBC bosses. On second thoughts I’d quite like them to un-nerf them now. It feels like cheating downing them this way.


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