Hurricane Boomkin Comes to Town

I nearly missed the patch on beta.The promised tweaks to Balance arrived

  • Earth and Moon changed from 5 to 3 ranks and now increases spell damage taken by 4/9/13% for 12 seconds and increases your spell damage by 1/2/3%. (Old – Increased Arcane/ Fire/ Frost/ Nature/ Shadow damage by 3/5/8%)
  • Eclipse now increases damage done by Wrath by 20% (up from 10%) and has a chance of increasing your critical strike chance with Starfire by 30%. (Up from 15%)
  • Moonfury changed from 5 to 3 ranks. Now increases damage done by Starfire, Moonfire, and Wrath by 3/6/10%. (Old – 2/4/6/8/10%)

Funny they didn’t mention we’d have to give up 2% personal damage if they trimmed Earth & Moon. I thought the point was to trim bloat not reduce our effectiveness.

I’m waiting on the mathematicians to let me know if Eclipse is worth speccing into. Then when they’re done I want to know if speccing brambles & Treants is as powerful mathematically speaking.

Obviously the answer is theoretical as I’m old and grey and can’t do the necessary twitching to make the most of Eclipse, I can however macro the treants (I think) to pop up every three minutes, and even if I can’t they make me smile a damn lot more than the silly gold/black blob that appears above my head. On the extremely off off chance that a dev stumbles across this blog before Wrath ships why can’t the blob at least stay there for the duration of the proc, so I don’t have to watch my buff icons?

I’m more or less done with beta. It’s impossible to get hold of glyphs and testing anything without them is pointless. The EU forums are a wasteland. The dialogue on the US ones from devs makes you feel that someone is paying attention , and is frustrating as hell when you can’t contribute because of posting restrictions.

So what was I doing this weekend that made me not notice the new patch? Well achievements obviously, zerging through MC, BWL & Onyxia. Hurricaning everything.

We had three, yes count them three Balance druids when we decided to zerg old content on Friday. One in T6, me in T5 (more or less) and a newly minted 70 in PvP gear. T6 was consistently in the top three dps. I bounced between 4th & 7th and Newly Minted trailed along behind as you’d expect.

I’d have probably done better if I’d remembered to visit the trainer between Wednesday & Friday & get new ranks of Starfall & Typhoon, not to mention Revive.

Sunday we did a proper guild run to BT and pretty much zerged that as well. The nerf to bosses makes it ridiculously easy, but I had fun chain spamming hurricane, we gave up on CC pretty much & just AOEd the trash down.

We downed Reliquary of Souls for a guild first, though claiming it seems a bit of an anti-climax. Still a first kill requires a kill shot

I had my Wolpertinger out at the time, he seems such a druidy pet with his Boomkin antlers, his stormcrow wings and his cat fangs. Well maybe moreso for a Night Elf druid as we also share the big bunny ears. It’s just a shame that like a lot of the pets he ends up hiding in my feathers when I’m in Moonkin form


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