What did you Achieve today?

The patched landed, it was really quite a blast from the past as we haven’t seen such bungy jumping from the server since 2.0.1 landed way back in December 2007. I got quite dewy eyed remembering the days when Moonglade was powered by arthritic hamsters spinning rusty wheels. Fortunately it won’t last long, and better now than when we have the whole of Northrend to explore.

I logged on right next to the Inscription trainer, and prepared to power level Inscription.

Top tip : empty bags before powerlevelling a new profession.

While the server did it’s best yoyo impression I managed to get 190 Inscription before running out of the right herbs. A quick look at the AH and a stack of peacebloom for 150G and I knew I was going to have to herbal on Dax if I wanted to get further, and probably wait until the wee small hours to find any.

So I allowed myself to be distracted by Achievments.

Arianthorn had already prepped her new title “Guardian of Cenarius” which is now proudly displayed above her head. So we went and did some low level quests to bump up Darnassus rep. I do mean low level as she found a few Teldrassil ones she’d skipped

Somehow this included ending up in Black Fathom Depths. Only afterwards did I realise I got more Argent Dawn rep for completing those than Darnassus rep. I did unlock the completing BFD achievement.

Then I went to bed.

Thursday I log on and decided the Explorer Achievement must be mine, which meant finding odd corners of Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms to peer into. Seemed a bit odd that I had more unexplored portions of Kalimdor than the Kingdoms, but they did tend to be horde starter areas (and of course Draenai) than places I’d expect Arianthorn to have been.

The Kingdoms was really just the new area added in the patch. It’s the unzoned version of the Death Knight starter area. Was interesting to ride through but completely devoid of NPC’s and mobs.

Though that could have been the yoyoing. I kept getting DC’d and ‘World Server’ down messages then logging back on and finding I’d hadn’t yet been where I was when the server crashed. I think I rode to Ammen Vale 3 times before the Achievement kicked in.

Then with Kalimdor & the Kingdoms explored there was one little corner of Hellfire penninsula to check out & I’m done. All three continents fully explored. One more to go, all for the title “The Explorer” which I may never use.

By then it was late enough for some torchlight herballing & Dax scoured Strangelthorn Vale to get the missing herbs. Which pushed Arianthorn up to 260 Inscription and gained her “Plethora of Pets“, as Dax kindly shipped two Booty Bay parrots along with the herbs. Ari started with around nine, she picked the rest up from vendors on her travels.

Now I wasn’t originally going to worry about this achievement. Then I saw the pet that comes as a reward and I was hooked. Plethora means I’m halfway there with 25. Got some quests I can do for more, and the Netherstorm vendor ones but as I need to be 74 to claim the reward there’s no mad rush. At some point I’ll sort out (or more likely find one written by someone else) a macro to randomly summon some of them. A lot I didn’t have because I don’t like them, so they’ll never be seen again. Poor little pixels.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that guild chat announces Achievements by other guild members and so far theres no way to turn it off. Not that I mind as its a fun way to discover Achievements you hadn’t noticed as some one else has different priorities to you. Which is why I ended the night in Orgimmar (more or less).

Fishing Diplomat popped up in Gchat & I went oooh!! Orgimmar is easy to prowl into so thats a nice one to pick up. Only turns out the guards have been busy leveling in some Blizz compound & are now 75 elites. I went in the back way & set the treants on the guards. Who did an impressive job of distracting them while I ran past.

Only I was distracted by their impressiveness & ran straight into a patrol and then the other guards. They killed me, just inside the gates, but I was in RP gear with my fishing rod so wasn’t performing at my best. Reclaimed my body and made it to the fishing spot no problems. Decided while I was there to visit Ragefire Chasm. Now this is a dungeon I’ve never been in before, and only had a vague idea where it was. Ari made it into the Shadow cleft in one piece but with a horde of guards on her tail, she zigged left when she should have zagged right and oops one dead druid. Quick wisp back and straight into the Dungeon. The mobs are only level 12 so the outcome was a forgone conclusion

Thats one more dungeon done & dusted on my way towards Classic Dungeonmaster status.

After that it was a quick hop to Stormwind for the other half of the Fishing Diplomat and I was done for the night, well early morning as it was around 5am by then.

Oh one Ari hasn’t got & may never do is the ever so popular Shave & a Haircut. Being on Beta showed me one thing. I like Ari the way she is. Dax has a new hairstyle so I didn’t ignore it completely though.


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