No more Pink Lollipop!

We were in Black Temple on Wednesday and Highlord Naj’entus kindly deigned to drop The Maelstom’s Fury. It’s stats are similar the the Pink Lollipop but +crit rather than +hit. I need to enchant it and can only use it for raids where we have an elemental shaman (or an S:Priest after 3.0.2), but at least I won’t be running around Northrend with the pink lollipop for six more levels.

This does rather leave me wondering what I’m going to do with 149 badges of justice, I was saving them for the Scryers Blade of Focus, which for stats & raw damage is still better than either the lollipop or the Fury but +crit means more mana regen. I may visit the badge vendor after 3.0.2 goes live and see whether spellpower makes some of the healing gear more attractive.

Personal choice is still to have a staff. Moonkins look silly with one hand maces & daggers, but Blizz seem to have decided that main hand, off hand is the way to go for dps casters

People seem to be convinced that the 3.0.2 patch is coming next week

Part of me hopes they’re wrong. Dax is still only level 69 (one bubble of XP earned) she’s been sidelined the last few weeks so I could play on the beta. When I do jump on her its to grind herbs in preperation for Inscription. And I’ve just found out that the requirements have increased.

Banana Shoulders has just updated her inscription levelling guide with the new amounts.

To power level Ari to 350 inscription I’m going to need around 1.3k herbs, As of the last count I have 750 (and not all in neat stacks of 5 for milling). So this weekend its grinding more herbs. Poor Dax is currently running circuits in STV, thats not going to help her reach 70. Hopefully we’ll get her sorted before WotLK ships but I’m not overly worried if I don’t, she can go to Northrend at 69.

Briarthorn & Kenisha are both twiddling their thumbs. I’m unlikely to seriously play them for a while. Certainly not before WotLK, and probably not until Ari, Dax & my DK reach 80.


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