Here be Dragons!

I’ve been quiet for the last few days. Got lost in work and poking around in Wrath. For all the spoilers out there there’s still a lot to discover for yourself, and what’s wow!! for one person is probably meh for another.

Dragons are wow! for me especially Red ones. Real dragons not those silly nether drakes, and they’re there in Wrath in abundance. At least I hope its in abundance and not just in zone I’m poking around in. But I’m not spoiling the storyline beyond that. After all you may not be into Dragons, don’t worry theres enough other stuff to keep you playing.

Been looking at Achievements. I’ve basically decided that my incipient OCD will have to be controlled. The Explorer ones I want, and the some of the faction rep ones, but 70 mounts not on the agenda.

What I have done already is get Arianthorn exalted with the Cenarion Circle, she wasn’t that far off about 10k. There’s a title comes with it Guardian of Cenarius and it seems wrong to take Arianthorn into Northrend without it. One of my whines about TBC was none of the titles available fitted her character, this one does.

Aricopy has already angered the turkey‘s which is a silly fun thing to do.

Otherwise things are generally quiet. Raids are being cancelled due to lack of interest. It’s pre expansion blues I guess.

Talking of blues yes I am following the balance druid changes but for now at least I’m not commenting, mainly because I’m hoping like mad that they’ll undo some of them before WotLK is shipped. Well before the weekend would be nice too. 3 points for Natures Grace you have got to be kidding!

Oops I forgot hairstyles. Aricopy is trying out a new one but as things stand Arianthorn will be keeping her’s I don’t really like any of the new ones and after over 3 years of looking at her plait she seems like someone elses toon without it.


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