First Impressions Boomkin Style

The lag is better now the weekends over so I’ve been able to play. I wasn’t going to level Aricopy (technically I’m still not) but I’m a sucker for quests and once you do one theres the next enticing exclamation mark tempting you to just give it a go.

I’ve been exploring the Borean Tundra and tweaking Ari copy’s spec. She’s currently got all 61 points in Balance

What she hasn’t taken

Genesis: No reason not to beyond I only need 5 points in the bottom tier & Starlight Wrath is a staple.

Nature’s splendor. Really not convinced one extra dot tick is worth the cost of 3 talent points

Celestial Focus : Hmm habit probably as the stun never works on raid bosses. I may look at it again seeing how my mana regen is fine I could afford the extra haste.

Balance of Power: First spec I took this out of habit, then I remembered my gear has 12% hit on it which is more than enough for killing same level mobs. Haven’t seen a resist yet.

Improved Faerie fire: Same logic as above plus its an expensive annoying raid buff which I’ll only spec if I absolutely have to come 80.

The new or revised talents I’ve been trying out.

Brambles 3/3 Need to double check this entangling roots seems to do less damage than 2/3 on live. May be the nerf to Lunar Guidance. Haven’t applied thorns need to get back into the habit. Haven’t seen the treants daze anything but when they mob a mob I rarely see anything. Especially when they’re short mobs

update remembered to apply it & found a melee mob (like that’s hard) 123 damage reflected until owlkin frenzy procced when it upped itself to 126. Okay now I have to get back into keeping it up which I haven’t done since 60.

Natures Reach the new bit is the threat reduction, something you don’t really see in use while soloing. I’ll have to trust it works for now

Improved Insect swarm This is how they’ve ‘fixed’ the nerf to lunar guidance. I ‘m seeing the same numbers for wrath with this up as I do on live, and as machine gunning wrath is still the way to go its okay.

Moonkin Form the mana on crit is awesome, and so close to 100% it might as well be. I finish fights on full mana. I did try one fight in caster and ended up on 50% mana at the end. It does force you to fight in moonkin form. Which after 4 years of soloing in caster unless I needed the armour is a change. It also sucks if you’re having to hot and dot as you lose mana regen, but with spellpower my heals are better so maybe it evens out & I guess Blizz think we should drink sometimes.

Intensity may prove to be an optional talent rather than a must have. Rather depends on keeping crit & int high. Also what’s the point of all that spirit on Boomkin gear if I’m not getting in combat regen from it?

Owlkin frenzy. 3/3 I like this, would like it more if it procced more, and I need to retrain myself to cast starfire when its up rather than sticking to wrath to avoid pushback but even then 10% extra damage *in your face mob!*. I even want to jump into PvP and have a rogue hit me now and see it proc. It does again force, or heavily encourage you, to fight in moonkin form.

Eclipse Next respec this is going. It’s annoying Not only do you not know which version is up – which they’re going to fix apparently – certainly while soloing you’re choosing abilites based on whats going on not what one Eclipse is buffing. A wrath procced it great but Owlkin frenzy isn’t up and I’ve three mobs hitting on me. Sorry starfall & moonfire spam not standing there winding up a starfire on better chance it’ll crit. If it procs off starfire it’s not so bad as I tend to naturally use starfire early then wrath spam. But as I use wrath more its usually proccing off that & buffing starfire. Oh and does it like to proc on the killing blow or what *growls menacingly*

It may have it’s uses at 80 when raiding but I’ll wait and see

Gale Winds. Barely noticed this. It’s a solid talent though probably need to go do some comparisions with live hurricane to really compare. I think the 700 dot I was seeing in Deadmines was probably a freak. The removal of the cd on hurricane is fun for running through deadmines and Aoe spamming. I was testing honest. Needed to see if I could get the Deadmines achievement at 70 as for some reason all the times I’ve killed Van Cleef in the last 4 years didn’t register.

Typhoon erm I’ve used it once or twice to see what it does but I keep forgetting its there. Will go find something to practice on.

Earth & Moon 3/5. The points from Eclipse are going into this I agree at 5 points its an expensive talent & in end game 60% is more than enough but for leveliing 100% is a certainty and more than compensates for not having Eclipse

Starfall Not over whelmed with it. Seem to die when I’m using it which may be me remembering too late or using it when I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

Caves Alright caves aren’t a new talent but my whole attitude to them has changed. Before I’d avoid them and if a quest required I’d enter one I’d go in muttering like a sulky child. Now its like “OOH a cave!! Must go look inside” All because entangling roots has it’s restriction lifted.

Improved Moonkin form. Erm yeah really exciting not. Starfire is now 2.98 secs instead of 3. Might look at taking points out of there while levelling too. Or putting some in Celestial focus for 6% haste


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