Lag belongs in Attics

Well I got on did the obligatory roll a Death Knight. Seeing as character copy was claiming 2 days I figured I’d better do something while I waited.

She’s currently stuck in the Death Knight starter area as the quest line you need to leave is bugged. Has been all day. So there is an ever growing group of Death Knights desperate to get out and making the lag even worse.

That aside the new ‘phasing’ thing they’re introducing with Wrath is showcased in the starter zone. If you haven’t heard about it the World finally reflects the changes you have made in it. It’s disconcerting the first time you realise it’s happened.

There you are focussing on your quests, you go back to the quest hub and think “was that there 10 minutes ago”. Fair chance it wasn’t. I have to admit I’m glad I’d read about phasing in passing before it seeing it in action. I am old and my forgettery is high. I could easily have convinced myself it was my short term memory messing me about rather than the static world evolving with my character’s storyline.

I do like it though and once you know its happening you see the detail they’ve put into it. The quests revolve around attacking and sacking the nearby Scarlet Crusade/Argent Dawn town. Each time you go down to participate in the next wave of attacks the area reflects the changes from the last successful attack. Have two DK’s (and it turns out you can on Beta) at different stages & they’re seeing different versions of the world.

If it was applied to the old World it would mean once you’d completed the quest to kill Hogger he’s stay dead, for you at least. His band of Gnolls might run from you as the killer of their leader next time you passed through the area. Not sure what it does for getting your friends to help you power level though if they’ve completed the quests already.

I really like it.

It’s Saturday though and around 10am when everyone else woke up lag started and the game becomes almost unplayable. Completely unplayable on Aricopy as we have no addons (huddles in a corner ‘need ma addons’)

On the upside they over estimated how long it would take to copy characters over & I have Dax & Ari on the server. So I’ve been to Northrend on Aricopy, briefly, and been able to look at the Achievement thing. It’s not retro recording achievements properly though. I apparently have never cleared Deadmines on Ari. I have. May not have done it with the quests though. More irritating according to them, I’ve never completed Molten Core.

I didn’t think I’d pay much attention to the Achievements, but I do hate having ‘incompletes’ on my char. Especially ones that are wrong. So will be sorting that at some point. Hmm loads of achievements and plenty from Azeroth should keep me occupied at 80 for some days mopping them all up. I have to go back to STV and do the collect pages of Nessingways book if I want one achievement. I know I haven’t done that.

I made the mistake of reading the first page I found and it was so badly written I felt duty bound to refuse to assist in inflicting it on the masses. I obviously failed as the published version is available in Nagrand. Maybe in Northrend they’ll be using surplus copies as fuel for the campfire as it really should belong on the 10 worst sellers list.

I’m writing this while my DK stands around hoping that this time the quest isn’t bugged, stands around because lag is so bad she can’t do anything and because we’ve now got disconnects.

One other thing. Europe has one server for everyone. The General Chat is driving me nuts. There are some people communicating in German. Not got a problem with that, am getting really sick & tired of the whines from a small number of English speakers. They create more noise to signal whining than the odd line of German.

I keep thinking “Whatever you do don’t mention the War” and having Basil Fawlty flashbacks. I will turn General off if it doesn’t get better. Don’t have it on in live usually but I thought on Beta it might help with testing feedback but no its the same rubbish as usual.


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