You should be so lucky…

I’m one of those people who never win lotteries or raffles (well I got third prize once back in 1982). So when I opted in to the Beta test invites within minutes of it being announced I didn’t really expect much.

Of course I hit the refresh button on my email every few seconds the first day and every time they announced another round I’d check. Only to find that new email was from Amazon. I really began to hate Amazon and its frequent special offers.

They sent me another one last night. Only it wasn’t. Yes you’ve guessed it I got a beta invite!!

I quite literally sat in front of the screen going “Oh my God!” “Oh my God!” like a broken record.

Of course I activated it. Download started around 4am and is still going strong its been claiming 5 hours for the majority of the last nine hours.

It’d go quicker if I stopped using memory for other things like writing blog entries, and working on complicated spreadsheets, but my bosses are less forgiving of missed deadlines than Blizzard, and who am I kidding if I don’t get the spreadsheets done before the down load is complete I’m not going to afterwards.


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