Wandering down memory lane

I have this idea for a blog entry. Thing is it involves patch 3.0.2 going live, or the day before. The idea is to capture my level 70 characters and take a snapshot of where they are so I can look back when they reach 80 and see how far they’ve come.

Of course to have a complete picture I should have done it at 60, well it’s two years (and two PC’s) to late for that but I can recreate some of my look.

I can’t remember my exact spellpower before patch 2.0.1 I do remember the because of the way they changed balance talents, so the crit & bonus damages were calculated after bonus spelldamage rather than before, and the introduction of Lunar Guidance, meant I broke the 300 mark and how proud I was.

Yes 300 was a major marker for balance druids back then. Now its 1000 and 1200 is perfectly achievable. Thats what 4 times as much, does that means at 80 I can expect 4800 spellpower to be achievable. More likely my maths is off.

So starting from the top:

Helm of the New Moon dropped from Canon Master Wiley in Stratholme. Level 56 and the best head in the game before AQ40. I usually had the graphics turned off though.

Animist’s Spaulders. These were actually healing shoulders which came from Zul Gurub but with the shoulder enchant from the Zandalar tribe they were good for dps too. I think I may have had better cloth ones for raiding but these I remember wearing for a long time, and I still like the graphics

Tunic of the Crescent Moon. Dropped of Baron Rivendare in Stratholme. The second best balance chest in the game. The best dropped of the Prince in Dire Maul and even with many many runs never when I was there. (Was still wearing this when we went into Blackwing Lair)

Gauntlets of Southwind. Dropped from Moam in AQ20

Mana Igniting Cord. Dropped of any of four bosses in Molten Core, was cloth. Caused massive drama when a shadow priest rolled for it as it should have gone to a ‘proper’ caster. Caused no drama when I won it because by then half the casters had it.

Sentinel Lizardhide Pants. I actually picked these up after patch 1.12 when PvP ranks were abolished and it was straight honour points and tokens. I also have (yes still have) the cloth ones which were better for dps but immodest (obviously not an issue with Moonkin form). They actually weren’t the most powerful leather caster leggings around but the PvP gear was hybrid with a spread of stats so better ‘all rounders’ But I spent ages trying to gather the mats for the Leggings of Arcana a quest reward in Winterspring that required a Pristine Hide of the Beast (3% drop rate off The Beast a boss in Blackrock Spire). A drop that caused rows in parties & on the forums as to whether it belonged to the skinner who skinned it or should be rolled on by the whole party because it sold for big bucks on the AH. It also needed mats from Scholmane & Stratholme but they were easier to get.

On my feet are Quicksand Waders (or my stripey legwarmers as I called them) cloth again and from Buru the Gorger in AQ20

My best bit was of course the Staff of Dominance every caster wanted it. I won it the first time it dropped for us in Molten Core off Golemagg the Incinerator.

I honestly can’t remember what bracers or cloak I wore. Deliberately haven’t linked any of the gear to Wowhead. (If you want to laugh at my abysmal stats you can work for it). Thing is at the time I was one of the best kitted out PVE Balance Druids on the realm (there were probably 5 of us). and my gear was hybrid. I could wander around being a walking crit totem and pretend to do damage, I could shift out and really cover the healing if needed (and it was, our healers always seemed to have the worst connections) and I could even go bear and emergency tank all with a swap of weapons.

Of course I could put on my pieces of Tier 1 & 2 and heal as a main healer. The one bit of tier 1 I refused to take was the helm, apart from looking silly it had around half the damage/heal on it than my level 56 blue one. It was also cursed. No really it was, every time we got a new resto they’d get pretty much first dibs on Tier 1 (I had all the pieces I needed by then) & every time they took the helm they’d qquit a few days later.

So there’s my trip down memory lane sparked in part by going to AQ40 on Sunday and seeing sme of the gear we used to desperatley want but now is hardly worth DEing.


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