Good Times

Eternal Legion got a guild first on Teron Gorefiend on 1st September. I didn’t comment here because I haven’t a clue what the ‘protocol’ is. Seeing as I’d killed him way back in July with S &D.

Anyone who’s been there knows that because of the death debuff killing him once is no guarantee that he’s going down again, especially if you can’t guarantee exactly the same raid make up. (Anyone who hasn’t been there and is planning to, go practice on the simulator)

Friday we went back and most of us were expecting a night of learning wipes (and I was planning on praying not to get the debuff). He went down in 3 minutes and 44 seconds on our second attempt.

Why am I so exact about the time? well I put the treants on him the moment the tank has threat & then when the cd is up. Really I throw everything I can at Teron from the off because the sooner he is down the less chance I get the debuff. They actually outlasted him by about 15 seconds on their 2nd cast and I was berating them for running back to me before I realised he was dead.

I also got exalted on that run and picked up the Ashtongue Talisman of Equilibrium I already have Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen and Icon of the Silver Crescent (macroed into my Starfire to proc every 2 minutes)

All three of them can proc off the same starfire. Thats 425 extra spelldamage. That hurts, me usually, as they seem to delight on doing it on the first starfire of a pull which also crits and whooosh there goes my threat way over the tanks. Fun in a a sort of masochistic way, but I need to maybe reconsider my rotation to reduce the chance of dying on the pulls.

Saturday is one of our off days so no 25 mans, but we did a bear run to ZA and beat the clock for the first time. Our GM won the Bear Mount Yay here.

Sunday thought I was going to miss the raid. We were without power for two hours but it came back on just before raid time so I was able to jump on the PC open the game and be there for another learning night in BT. This time on Gurtogg Bloodboil . Turns out we’re fast learners. He went down on the fourth attempt and we stood aound going

“erm what next”

Reliquary of Souls

“Anyone read up on it”

chorus of no’s.

So we went back in time and space, well some of did, to the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and zerged it to the Twin Emperors, with one old hand trying to remember the strategy from when he was there two years ago and the rest of us going ermmm that can’t be hard. Turned out it could and with only three Qiraji mounts between us we decided not to run through the Temple again as it was getting late

Tonight we were meant to be going into Black Temple again, but I’ve just checked the guild site and we’re not ready for Reliqury so its off to Mount Hyjal.

Only we cleared Mount Hyjal of the first four bosses which means we’re going back in time for the big guy himself Archimonde. Oh my! Bet that takes more than 3 mins and 44 seconds.


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