Trees amongst the Moonkins

It’s not that I haven’t noticed the changes to balance talents in the latest build it’s just that on looking at them I feel they’re designed for giving restos more boom for their buck when putting 14 points in balance than for helping balance druids with either dps or longevity.

I can’t say I’d ever noticed ToLs having mana issues but apparently they need 29% reduction in the mana cost of their HoTs in WotLK. Seems extreme to me that the spec with the best mana regen and the gear that supports it the most gets another 9% chopped off without having to give up anything from a their own tree to achieve it.

Natures Rejuvenation looks interesting at first glance but thats one extra moonfire dot which means less moonfire blast damage in your rotation so will it be a real dps increase? I doubt it. Might work with glyph of moonfire & glyph of insect swarm I guess

And I know it’s childish but ToLs getting Nature’s Grace! Not fair really not thats my talent not no stinky Tree one. You might mollify me if you made Nature’s Swiftness a tier 2 talent in resto. Yes that would mollify me.

Okay the grown up in me recognises Nature’s grace moving down & Nature’s Majesty being created are there to encourage Resto’s that stacking crit might be a good idea so that Blizz can ‘sell’ crit on gear. I’m just really fed up that the ‘balance polish pass’ turned out to be better for resto’s than deep balance.

All they’ve down is increase the talents you want/need at lower level for PvE balance builds while not sorting the higher bloat out. I never took Nature Grasps’ or Control of Nature as they’re PvP based. Now I’ve got Genesis & Nature’s Rejuvenation which I can’t tell if they’re overall any good or not, and are Blizz trying to turn us into a DoT class?

Meh. Maybe I will switch mains when Wrath comes out. No I’ll wait and see if their ‘internal testing’ makes enough tweaks that I can create a build that works


1 thought on “Trees amongst the Moonkins

  1. One good comment deserves another- I’ve found the pushback resistance in Control of Nature allows emergency cycloning in instances (“Aiee I aggro’d it’s coming to eat my face!”). Buying the tanks six seconds to get in position to pick a mob off can make the difference between ‘alive’ and ‘dead’ a lot of times.

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