Cat amongst the pigeons

This post is on the Beta & USA General forums, (will probably appear on the EU ones soon too).

Even a few short hours after this was posted the forums are ablaze with opinions. Every class is convinced they will be excluded because other classes bring the same thing.

There seems to be no comprehension that people in a guild might just actually talk to each other and sort out their talents to compliment one another. If an s:priest has misery I don’t need to recast imp:ff every 40 secs (Yay). If they’re not there the raid doesn’t have to change their gear to compensate for the missing 3%. I or a hunter can pick up the slack. E&M is as good as talented CoE but as I’ll have it anyway & be refreshing as I dps it frees the warlock to use another curse.

Maybe people arn’t looking at the mechanisms behind each spell/abilty. I’m certainly not an expert but from the ones I do recognise Blizz seem to be balancing it between passive abilties that weave into your dps Misery/ E&M and a back up buff that needs active application Imp:ff/CoE.

This might change when the beta build with these alterations come out so there is less of a distinction but for now I’m quite chuffed. It’s also noticable that Combat Rezz isn’t on the list and no-one else seems to be getting it so we’ve still got one unique class abilty.

Balance druid changelist:

  • Improved Moonkin Aura: Grants 3% haste of all types.
  • Earth and Moon: Increases spell damage taken from all schools by 13% on the target.
  • Improved Faerie Fire: No longer benefits melee and ranged hit chance, only spell hit.

I can’t help but go ooh at these changes. I might actually solo in moonkin form now.

Oh my! Look what they did to furor

Gives you 100% chance to gain 10 Rage when you shapeshift into Bear and Dire Bear Form, and you keep up to 100 of your Energy when you shapeshift into Cat Form, and increases your total Intellect while in Moonkin form by 10%.

Ferals don’t seem overly pleased about it but when did I ever spec feral? I liked furor in its old form, well I did at 60 when I actually went bear to emergency tank sometimes. I even specced it at 70 for a while but after a month of never needing bear form in raids (this was way back when Kara was end game) I had to admit it was a lost cause.

If I do the maths it’s probably not as impressive as it look but still we finally get something in the bottom tier of resto thats useful


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