No raid tonight. It’s Assumption Day, which is apparently a big holiday over in mainland Europe, so people went and enjoyed it.

I was on for a bit, long enough to get promoted from trialist to raid member, so I didn’t do anything too stupid in the last week. Phew!

No friday focus this week as I’m off to see friends so any play time I do sneak in will be freeform.

But I do have two gratuitous images to share. You know how I mention I suffer from altistis, well this PC is 4 months old and tonight I decided to clear out some of the data held by Arkinventory. Most were long gone from the game itself

There were 30 chars on the list before I deleted most of them. If you look closely some never got beyond level 1 thats because I didn’t like the name. Even if I ruminated on it for a while before using it once in game I’d go off it. Four alternative ways of spelling Machita before I settled on one that didn’t irritate me. Eight mages with the highest at 11 before I gave up. People say druids are boring/ hard to level before 20 but it’s obviously mages I struggle with. It’s because they is squishy it has nothing to do with them not being night elves. Still now I can click on my hearthstone without being reminded of all those shortlived toons. It also reduced ark inventory memory usage from 6mb to 2mb, which was the point of having the clear out.

And here’s me standing over a dead phoenix. Not the first time I’ve downed her, that would have been nearly a year ago but I’m practicing taking more screenshots


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