Zul Aman done

First off  not a guild first just a personal one

Second off I really need to remember to take screenshots.

I’ve never done a full run of ZA before, been in a couple of times and done the early bosses but S&D took their core ten man (core based on mates of GM, not core raiders) on off nights and as I tend to take off nights off – Yes I know an odd concept  – I think I’d been in once as a boomkin and once as a resto when it first came out.

I’d more or less written it off, like ever completing AQ40. Last night as I was running around doing dailies I got a whisper to see if I wanted to come along so I jumped at the chance and in we went, which is when I discovered it was a speed run. Managed to wing it for the first three bosses which we one shot but with only 5 mins to get to the 4th  we ambled – no ambled is wrong we stopped racing but were a long way off ambling.

At which point I owned up to my lack of experience with the instance, not that I’d held them back but saying earlier wouldn’t have helped anyone.

Of course I haven’t read up on the bosses recently either, this was probably noticeable when I was nuking the lynx spirit – which despawns if left alone, but I’m sure the one run I did with S&D we were told to nuke it.

From my point of view it was all a bit of a mad scramble, next time I may have a better idea of whats going on and know why I’m running  around or hugging, beyond “everyone else is doing it so it’s probably a good idea” which was my rule of thumb last night.


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