Odds ‘n’ Sods

The latest beta build has a new cosemetic glyph for druids

  • Glyph of the Red Lynx (added 8770) – You appear as a red lynx in your Cat Form.

That helps with my pet situation it’ll be a polar bear, a red lynx and the storm crow from Blades Edge that Dax takes with her into Northrend (well she may pick the bear up once there).

Still hoping for a moonkin option, though part of me thinks one glyph affecting all a druids forms would be the more economical choice, we’re unlikely to want to use all our slots to change skins. Something like

Glyph of Winter:

    • cat form becomes a winterspring saber,
    • moonkin form becomes an Winterspring Owlkin,
    • Dire Bear becomes Polar Pear.
    • Tree form gains snow on its boughs
    • Travel form becomes a snow leopard

Glyph of Autumn

    • Moonkin = Hinterland Owlkin
    • Cat = Red Lynx
    • Bear = Brown Bear
    • travel form = the Thousand Needles ‘lion’
    • Tree form = the current one is already pretty autumnal so just make the bark & leaves more obviously red/brown

Not sure about spring and summer, but you get the idea, asit is I won’t be equipping either of them given how little time I spend in those forms, well maybe red lynx to match Cinder


One of the things I had lurking at the back of my head when I started this journal was to have IC (in character) entries from my characters. It hasn’t happened, (yet). If it does they’ll probably be in a seperate journal. The wonders of wordpress means I can easily have two blogs on this account. What I find I’m struggling with though is where to start. Ari is an established character, she’s already been married & widowed. If I start mid story with her then its confusing as hell. I’ve tried writing some IC for her and she’s drifitng we can’t answer the basic question “What’s she doing in Outland?” It doesn’t fit with her motivation which boiled down to basics is “kill the undead” in retribution for the loss of the World Tree, and more specifically her mother & a sister.

She’ll be in Northrend like a shot, But she (not me this isn’t about player burn out) hates Shattrach since the Blood elves started running around, she’s not that keen on helping out the Shattered Sun offensive though as Ilidan is essentially a Kalidorei & druid problem she does her bit, but it’s Outland not her beloved Kalimdor & since she realised that liberating Outland wouldn’t mean the end of Orc & Draenei pouncing around Azeroth like they own it, or even noticably reduce their number liberating it lost it’s appeal.

I get around her unease at being there by not spending much time deeply IC, that of course makes it harder to write from her point of view as she’s running on automatic. I’m sure we’ve all been there in RL. You suddenly realise you’ve been doing the daily routine of work home shop watch TV/play WoW and somehow six months have passed and it’s summer, or winter depending on when you put your life on automatic (and which hemisphere you live in). “And oh look that blog you started with such grand intentions has been gathering dust.”

So I may not pick up on the IC journal for Ari, at least not till WotLK is released and instead do it from her younger sisters point of view as she explores Azeroth (again). I’m still mulling on that one. Certainly getting Daxtari to write it wouldn’t be very interesting she’s a simple soul happy to run around the wilds with her cat shooting stuff and picking herbs.

Well we’ll see maybe I just need to plunge in and get writing without overthinking it. After all I can always leave the journal private while I muddle about looking for the missing hook.


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