I’m hornier than you

friday-focus_246Well Ari girded her loins, squared her shoulders and prepared for a day of PvP.

Yup you guessed it. First AV of the day, well 1310th really but Ari’s first and guess what she got, and as you can clearly see Ari has bigger horns on her head than the Spirit of Competition (what did you think I was talking about?)

Having completed that mission with more ease than expected. We focussed on that other thing I should have done over a year ago. I finally forked over 5k Gold and started the class quest to get epic flight form. I still need to do the final part in Setthek Halls but we managed to solo the rest.

The only really difficult bit was the essence of the eagle. First attempt I thought I could do in Moonkin, after all it’s tuned for just turned 70’s not ones running around in T6. (okay one piece of T6). It was not to be. As the statue is at the top of a mountain if you die its a spirit rezz and 10 mins rezz sickness.

2nd attempt bear form pvp caster gear. Nope that didn’t work either. Used the second 10 minute time out to go grab the odd bits of feral gear I have in the bank. Pushed my armour up from 15k to 18k.

3rd attempt, erm yes well hitting a key that put me back in caster form & not realising as I was swarmed by birds & couldn’t see my toon isn’t the way to win anything.

4th attempt was the charm. Though it was still close I had about 50 HP left when he died.

The Falcon’s essence was two attempts, mainly because I didn’t know the guardian had a polymorph so started off in caster. Did it no worries second attempt in moonkin.

Ahh lovely Mr Hawk. 12k starfires 7k wraths and even a 6.9k moonfire crit. He didn’t stand a chance.

Flying back to Shattrach I bumped into a bird called Skywing, who after a minor tour of some arrakoa settlement gave me miniwing.

Two new pets in one day. Really there was only one way to finish off the day and that was to pop to Azshara and see if the blue dragonflight was feeling generous, they weren’t but I’ll be back for my Azure Whelping At least the rugged leather I farmed will help a bit with rebuilding my finances.


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