Shadows and Dust

I noticed earlier today that there are very few posts where Ari takes centre stage, I was going to remedy that tonight, and had a post mulling in my head when I logged on to see if we were able to put a raid together. This isn’t that half formed post this is completely different.

Like so many people the daily guid msg can get lost during log on and I was scrolling trying to find it when I got an invite to a guild I’d never heard of, but from a member of my guild.

First thought was “Don’t invite me to a guild I’m in one” quickly followed by “hang on you can’t invite me to a guild if I’m in one!!” So I joined without reading the name to find out what was going on. Got pointed to the forums to see this message (it’s on the front page so public):

I was gobsmacked, but also completely understand. Those two are such strong characters that without them the guild would struggle to survive, becoming a shadow of its former self, throw in the summer slowdown and Wrath on the horizon and we’d have probably found ourselves progressing backwards into Karazhan.

As of tonight, according to WowJutsu we’re 15th on the server & 10th on Alliance side. For a guild that formed six months ago and started in Kara thats pretty good going. They certainly stretched me as a raider in the four months I was with them.

I’ll miss them.

Being of a practical bent & knowing I really want to see Sunwell before Wrath arrives I went almost immediately to the realm forums, and have already signed up to a new guild. One specifically seeking a balance druid.

Does it seem callous? Less than 4 hours after the guild disbands I’m in another one. Maybe, but when FS disbanded I decide to give it some time and ended up discovering all the raiding guilds had filled their spots. Not that there were that many on the server back then and we did have two guilds disband within a week of each other.

So as of today I’m a trialist with Eternal legion, and tomorrow I think I have a raid to prepare for (got problems getting accredited on the guild forums so not 100% sure)

So Ari’s back to being a new girl


1 thought on “Shadows and Dust

  1. Ack, guild disbands are always so depressing, especially when there’s no warning. I logged in a couple of months ago to find that the guild my perky priestess was in had apparently disbanded overnight — a real disappointment since I had joined, was good friends with the guild master, and had found it really difficult to find a roleplaying-specific guild that appealed to me.

    I just wish that there had been some communication. And that I’d gotten all of the gold and items I put into the guild bank back. Girl’s got expenses, y’know…

    And, no, I don’t think it’s callous. You have a very specific goal in mind and in order to obtain it you need to be in a guild. Good luck with the trials and here’s to seeing you in the Sunwell in future weeks!

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