Friday Focus (1st Aug)

friday-focus_246I have one goal this weekend and one goal only

  • Play Daxtari

I was mildly stunned when I did that PvP daily on her earlier this week to realise shes’ never been in a BG. She’s also never done a dungeon. That it co-incided with this post on BBB’s blog about the “game starts at 70” mindset got me thinking. It took me 30 days played to get Ari to 60. Not that I even knew the “/played” command existed back then.

I’d log on for an evening and spend it roleplaying in Ashenvale or doing some battlegrounds to keep my rank at sergeant. (In them thar days you got a 10% sergeants discount from vendors and I needed it to fund my drinking supply.)

If I was questing somewhere it was as much to follow the storylines as to worry about XP, and if the horde attacked Astranaar or Darnassus I dropped what I was doing and went to defend my homelands.

If I had a goal it was to enjoy the game while I was playing it, not reach 60. Not look to the next patch or expansion and plan what I was doing. Long gone are those innocent days of being such a noob I hadn’t even heard the word. Should I admit that as a hard core roleplayer in a Kaldorei only guild who didn’t care much for the younger races and certainly not those smelly magic users, mages & warlocks, I didn’t even know you could get a mage to conjure you water or create a portal to Capitals.

Somewhere after Ari hit 60 & I started raiding I got a lot more goal focussed, started reading the forums learning all the gamer terms downloading addons to monitor or improve my performance.

I don’t think one way of playing is better than the other, I enjoyed the game then and I enjoy it now in a different way, but in rushing to 70 I’ve deprived Dax, and myself, of some of the depth WoW can offer a player. One weekend of doing BG’s, (without trying to accumulate tokens & HP for a specific bit of gear) exploring old content, hanging out in Stormwind looking for random RP and just going with the flow won’t bring back the innocence of the old days, but taking ten days to get to 70 instead of nine won’t make me a worse player either.


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