You wave at Lorthemar

We were meant to be raiding tonight, at 7pm 18 people on line, and not a warrior, feral druid or prot pally amongst them. *sigh*

Got up to about 23 but still no tank (well none with gear good enough for beyond Kara) A raid was formed with about 15 people all wanting to go somewhere. Only they were picky about where. Seems if it’s not a real raid then they’d rather do dailies.

In the end there were six of us who wanted to do something so off we went to raid Silvermoon. We cleared the gate way with ease, only to discover the horde were having some event going on and world PvP ensued. Six of us against a somewhat disorganised rolling number of horde, they meant business they put their PvP gear on and then corpse camped.

We practiced patience, the wonder of PvE servers wisp around long enough and PvP goes off (I know, I know care bears) then the three rogues & me stealthed to Sunfury Spire. One of the hunters got a bubble & just ran for it, not sure how the Pallie and the other hunter made it, but they did.

Turns out that if you unstealth & rezz someone in the little antechamber then you pull the guards lining the roadway. Also turns out that the guards are easy to kill, well we managed it without anymore fatalities. Though they respawn fairly fast too which wasn’t so hot.

Horde appeared and seemed somewhat disturbed we wanted to kill Lothemar. They hit harder than the guards so we went down. Still six of us raided Silvermoon and got to the faction leader while the server was busy, much more fun than doing dailies any day.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that a new beta build was patched in this week. There’s loads of commentary on the web already so I’m not going to repeat it, (some stuff after the break ) as it’s beta a lot of it won’t make it to live in it’s current form

They released information about more glyphs for Inscription, nearly all druid ones

  • Glyph of the White Bear – Changes the appearance of your bear and dire bear forms to that of a polar bear. (one of the ‘cosmetic’ glyphs that were promised, given the Ice theme of WotLK polar bear was to be expected. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Winterspring Owlkin skin for Balance)
  • Glyph of Moonfire – Increases the periodic damage of your Moonfire ability by 75% but initial damage is decreased by -90%. (now this seems a better use of a glyph named moonfire than reducing the rage cost of demoralizing roar. Rank 14 (level 80) does 476 burst damage & 800 over 12 secs so 1276. This glyph means the burst does 47 damage and the DoT does 1400 so 1447. Thats ‘raw’ no talents no gear. It has potential for PvE when I know the dot is going to tick, not so good for PvP when I want that burst damage though. It’s usefulness may well depend on the cost of swapping glyphs. if I can easily change them over before entering a BG then its good if the cost of these glyphs is exorbitant then I may well live without it.)
  • Glyph of Healing Touch – Decreases the cast time of Healing Touch by 1.5 sec., the mana cost by -25% and the amount healed by -50%. (On first glance I thought oooh 1.5 HT, nice, then I remembered Nourish the new heal we get at 80 and went huh?. Of course it may well be a low level Glyph that you equip at level 10 and replace at 80 when you get Nourish. )
  • Glyph of Innervate – Your innervate ability now has an additional 20% strength mana regeneration effect on you in addition to the effect on your primary target. (this one is just win)

There were a lot more but how many of them make it to live in their current state and how good they really are compared to what’s planned for other classes we will have to wait & see.

The big stink this patch is the introduction of:

Potion Sickness Unable to consume potions until you rest out of combat for a short duration.

No more pot chugging. Now either it’s the end of mana using classes or its the preamble to a major reworking on mana regen so we’re not so reliant on pots for long fights. Alternatively the fights will be balanced around not using more than one pot. I’m very much ‘wait and see’ on this change. But then I’m not a great one for pot chugging anyway


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