Cogitating on Characters

A while back, around when I started this blog I decided I wanted 3 level 70’s before WotLK came out so I had choices about what to level to 80.

Now I’m wondering why? I mean WoW is the classic gamer holy trinity of dps tank and healer and I have all of them in Ari already so why would I need two other classes? And why did I delete my level 52 druid to make space for new alts? (Okay that was because two boomkins on the same side and server seemed an excessive amount of BOOM even for me).

I have limited playtime realistically from about 6 to 12 weeknights and popping on and off over the weekend. I want to raid which usually means 5 nights a week from 6 to 11 so when would these extra level 70’s get played?

gets very rambling after the cut, consider yourself warned

Dax is safe I wanted an alt for gathering and it amused me to make her a hunter/gatherer. Blizz don’t seem to have put herbs or special skins in end-game instances this time round so if she never sees inside an instance she can still gather away without penalties, but pretty much every other profession has recipe drops inside raid instances so having a profession that needs to see end game on an alt means they’ll always lag behind.

Maybe it was self imposed peer pressure, I’ve been playing since 2005 and only have one character at the cap. Such a slacker, especially when I joined a raiding guild where everyone seems to have level 70 alts.

Wow Insider did a poll a while back, results reproduced below. It surprised me, somehow I’d got the impression that a much bigger percentage of the player base had at least 3 but putting all the 3 or more together is only 36%. I guess they’re just very vocal

  • None 8.7% (1330)
  • Just the One 28.4% (4364)
  • Two 27.1% (4160)
  • Three 17.3% (2654)
  • Four 9% (1381)
  • Five 4.2% (642)
  • Six to Eight 3.1% (477)
  • Nine 0.9% (136)
  • Ten or more 1.4 (210)

Now I’m not going to make my decision based on stats, but at least I feel like less of a slacker now. It’s them other guys that are wierd not me (always nice to come to that conclusion).

My wierdness clearly lies in my rolling alts and deleting them if I’d stuck to one or two I’d have more level 70’s now.

Which brings me right back to what do I want them for?

Ari is for raiding, either balance or resto spec, don’t think I’ll ever play feral seriously but you never know the day may come

Dax is for gathering

Machica, because I want to know from personal experience which is better an elemental shaman or a Boomkin, only I have a nasty feeling I won’t like the answer.

When I moved Ari to a PvE server back in September of last year I rolled a druid and a shaman on my old server. The idea being to level them together and compare the experience. The shaman got to level 28 the druid to 52. I should have learnt from that experiment where my heart lay when it comes to class choice.

Briar? well she’s a rogue so I know I’ll have someone who can lockpick those chests I get, never seem to find a rogue for that when I need one, and she could do PvP, but probably never more than BG’s. I tried Arena’s in Season 1 wasn’t impressed with it as an activity.

??thorn will be my Death Knight. I’ve sort of come round to the idea of having one since they were announced a year ago. I wouldn’t mind trying tanking with one, it’s the Bear Bum Cam that annoys me with Druids. Now of course that can’t happen before WotLK. So possibly a DK for 5 mans. I just need 4 more people I enjoy playing with to do five mans (seem to have had too many friends drift away from the game in the last eighteen months) and of course if they’re friends Ari can go along. So a tanking DK for pugs. Wow! thats going to be a unique sight in WotLK, NOT.

You know what I really really need? This current raid hiatus to be over, it gives me way too much time to think and wonder how to keep myself occupied in-game, or even out of game writing about WoW.


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