Say Hello to…

Briarthorn. My latest alt. I didn’t get Machica to 25, barely made 23, as I kept sloping off to play this little rogue, who is now 20. She’s sleeping at Lakeshire tonight, though why they have a blazing fire in July is beyond me.

Briar is Ari’s kid sister. She used to be a hunter, leveled all the way to 42 over a period of about 2 years then retired to Booty Bay. When Dax flew past her in about four weeks of play (5 days played I think) I deleted her. No point having an unplayed hunter hanging around, only I sort of missed the character so she’s returned as a rogue.

I think its about the fourth rogue I’ve rolled but this time round I’m enjoying it. She managed her level 20 class quest with relative ease.

Yes she died, then wisped to the top of the tower only to discover her lockpicking skills weren’t up to the task so had to go and level them some more before a second attempt. Funny I wasn’t going to do it as I thought the reward was just the thistle tea recipe & she can’t cook, then I discovered she would also get poisons so I thought it worth an attempt or two.

I don’t think Machica will be my third 70. Not saying Briar will either, just find shaman game play somewhat lacking. Maybe it will click at some point. All the pundits say get to 20 then it gets better, but they say that for most classes so I take it with a pinch of salt.

I’m also considering getting Dax a name change to bring her into line with the other *thorns ( there’s a third *thorn holding a name for my Deathknight & a fourth for my banker) we’ll see though I like Daxtari and I’m sure tari is thorn in some language, Darnassian perhaps? Anyway I’ll get Dax to 70 before I decide about name changes.


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