Shaman help

I feel I’m doing something wrong with Machica, she’s leveling enhancment but I swear drinks more than Ari’ did leveling balance so I’ve left her standing in Ashenvale while I surf for guides, and maybe some addons.

One of the first things I come across is Shaman Leveling Guide v1.0 on the US forums. It’s written by Lissanna a die hard balance druid, who’s druid analysis is usually spot on & who’s in the WOTLK beta. These two facts make this a guide I feel I can trust.

Class solidarity when we can roll all classes is an odd thing isn’t it. I’ve been staying out of the BBB & BRK catfight, seeing as I’m nothing but a lowly reader of these legends of the Blogspheres and don’t usually jump on bandwagons but I feel compelled at this point to shout

Foshizzle !

Erm yes back to the topic for future reference this post pulls together a lot of shaman guides, I ‘m sure I’ll get round to reading them all eventually and feel dazed and confused. I have managed to pick up that Machica isn’t supposed to be using a shield but a one hander until she can dual wield. Sigh okay okay I’ll equip a mace with strength on it but why oh why don’t they get any melee attacks above and beyond auto attack? Or does that come later? It’s about the only thing I hate with moonkin the hanging around waiting for an auto attack with a slow weapon, I live with it because I know it’s ferals that have all the cool melee stuff and thats fine and dandy but why doesn’t the melee spec of shaman get some?

It’s the same with Pallies, not that I’ve ever got one above about 15 but I remember getting so bored waiting for autoattack that I’d refresh blessings just to be having something to do. I’m not leveling another Pallie, not until they get some sort of ranged pull.

Okay rambling now, I’ve downloaded YATA (Yet Another Totem Addon) as it seems to be the most recommended totem add-on. Maybe now Machica will remember to drop them occasionally. Well when I’ve set it up anyway


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