Friday Focus


Yes it’s Friday so time to set some goals for the weekend. As there’s a folk festival in town I may actually go outside this weekend so not going to set anything too heavy.

  1. Get Machica to 25, she should have plenty of rested XP by now I’ve been ignoring her a bit recently
  2. Farm Basiliks on Dax for some money
  3. Read up around the web on all the ‘how to make Gold’ tips and tricks. Well the free ones. Not spending real money to find out how to make fake money
  4. Almost forgot, attend the Redemption of Eranikus.

Meh suppose I’d better go find a link so you know what I’m talking about. There you go, and no this isn’t for opening the gates we did that way back when its because someone fancies repeating it as an open event for all of us who missed it the first time round.


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