I probably should have read this Wow Insider series on WoW Blogging before I started this. Never mind part 4 is about networking, which I’m not sure I’m ready to do just yet, though I do visit the BlogAzeroth forums occasionally and I may attempt some of their shared topics. Sometimes it helps if someone else provides the spark. Not sure if you have to be a member to participate, but as you can view them without being a member I guess they’re not overly fussy. I may well sign up there when I’ve got my act together

So using Wowinsiders list where am I?

Step 1: Find a blog host

Well I’ve done that, though it’s more a case of using my existing blog host than going off and finding one.

Step 2: Determine your goals

Hmm I’ll come back to that

Step 3: Figure out your slant

Well Grumpy old woman is certainly part of it, I’ll expand on what I mean by that at some point, or you may just catch the drift from my posts

Step 4: Become part of the WoW blog community

When I’m sure I’m staying around I probably will sign up but there’s no rush I think I want to ‘find my voice’ before I go shouting about it

Step 5: Write, write, write!

Yes that I probably can do, some of it may even been worth reading.


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