For beta or wrath

Wrath is going into closed beta. I signed up for the Beta the day they offered the option, while I want an invite I’m far from sure I want to level a char in Beta just to have to do it again when WOTLK goes live

There are patch notes up for the latest beta patch. MMO-Champion’s list can be found here (can’t find an offical source). So lets poke around the stuff that interest me.


  • All items and effects which grant bonuses to spell damage and spell healing are being consolidated into a single stat, Spellpower. This stat will appear with the same values found on items which grant “increased spell damage and healing” such as on typical Mage and Warlock itemization.
  • For classes which do not heal, they should see no change in the character sheet other than new tooltip wording.
  • Healing characters will see their bonus healing numbers on the character sheet decrease, however, all healing spells have been modified to receive more benefit from spellpower than they received from bonus healing, with a net effect of no change to the amount healed by their spells. Some talents have had to be rebalanced to accommodate this change, but the amount healed will remain roughly the same. In addition, some talents will provide only healing spell power.Well we already knew about this. The good news is that in theory I can switch from dps to healing mid fight as one set of gear will support both. Holy priests might not be so happy, especially while leveling it’ll no longer be a clear ‘healer’ drop.Chuck in the ‘improved ToL’ which gives 360% armour boost and I’m left wondering if we’ll see any leather PVE spellpower gear at all. Moonkins already get told we don’t need leather as our armour bonus makes cloth “as good as leather” and the reason we have the bonus is to compensate for lack of leather (granted this is by players not seen it ever stated as Blizz’s offical line). Followed by you’re a caster you don’r need armour for PvE. Now restos will hear the same arguements. Of course at the same time we’ll still both be hearing ‘thats mine’ from clothies if we roll on cloth gear they want.


    • Brambles (Balance): Now increases the damage done by your Treants, and also damage caused from your Treants and Barkskin has a 5/10/15% chance to Daze the target for 3 sec.
    • Celestial Focus (Balance): The stun proc now works with Starfall.
    • Entangling Roots: Can now be used indoors.
    • Faerie Fire (Feral): Now an 11-point talent, down from being a 21-point talent.
    • Feral Charge (Feral) is now a 21-point talent, up from being a 11-point talent.
    • Feral Charge (Feral): Can now be used in Cat form.
    • Feral Instinct (Feral) no longer increases threat generated in Bear form, but now increases damage done by your Swipe ability by 5/10/15%.
    • Focused Starlight (Balance): Now also works with Starfall.
    • Force of Nature (Balance): Cooldown reduced to 2 minutes, down from 3.
    • Hurricane: No longer has a cooldown (was 1 minute).
    • Improved Faerie Fire (Feral): Now also works with spell hit, in addition to ranged and melee hit %.
    • Improved Mark of the Wild (Restoration): Now a 2-point talent, down from a 5-point talent.
    • Improved Tranquility (Restoration): Now also reduces the cooldown of your Tranquility spell by 25/50%.
    • Mangle (Feral): Now increases the damage done by Maul in addition to Shred.
    • Moonglow (Balance): Now also works with Starfall.
    • Moonkin Form (Balance) no longer increases your attack power or causes you to regenerate mana off melee attacks, but now has a chance to cause you to instantly regenerate 2% of your total mana every time you critically hit with a spell.
    • Nature’s Focus (Restoration): Now a 3 point talent, down from a 5-point talent. Also moved to Tier 1, up from Tier 2. Now also includes Nourish.
    • Nature’s Grace (Balance): Now also reduces the global cooldown of your Wrath spell by 50% while in effect.
    • Nature’s Grasp (Balance): Can now be used and can proc indoors.
    • Nature’s Reach (Balance): Now also reduces threat generated by Balance spells by 15/30%.
    • New Spell: Revive – Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat. (Ranks 1-7 added)
    • Omen of Clarity (Restoration): Now a passive spell. Now also works for spells (healing and damage). Proc rate is roughly 6% with a 10 second internal cooldown.
    • Primal Tenacity (Feral) now reduces damage while stunned by 5/10/15%, and reduces the duration of fear effects by 5/10/15%.
    • Remove Curse can now be used in Tree of Life form.
    • Soothe Animal can now be used on Dragonkin as well as Beasts.
    • Soothe Animal is now instant cast.
    • Subtlety (Restoration): Now a 3-point talent, down from a 5-point talent. Also moved to Tier 2, up from Tier 3. Also now only reduced threat for Restoration spells, and reduces the chance that your healing over time spells (Lifebloom, Regrowth and Rejuvenation) will be dispelled, rather than all Druid spells. Threat management for Balance can now be found in the Balance tree, within Nature’s Reach.
    • Survival of the Fittest (Feral): Increased to 2/4/6%, up from 1/2/3%.
    • The mana regeneration penalty when in Bear Form, Dire Bear Form and Cat Form has been removed.
    • Tranquil Spirit (Restoration) now also includes Nourish.
    • Tree of Life (Restoration): 30% snare penalty has been removed.
    • Tree of Life (Restoration): Can now cast Dispel Curse.
    • Tree of Life (Restoration): You can now cast all Restoration spells (Healing Touch) in the form, but Tree of Life now only reduces the mana cost of your healing over time spells (Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, Regrowth and Flourish) by 20%.
    • Vengeance (Balance): Now also works with Starfall.

    No more melee for mana. Can’t say I’ll miss it I rarely got a chance to use it except when I actively went out to hit things in moonkin form to see what the mana regen was like. I do wonder if we’ll still see FAP weapons, if Blizz are trying to simplify the loot drops having a weapon usable by one spec of one class seems to go against the flow. Sure all druids will pick them up for offspec but thats still a small percentage of the player base.

    2% of my mana off a crit well at 70 that’s around 200 mana, which is roughly about what I got from meleeing but this way I’ll get it more frequently & won’t have to stop casting to achieve it . Much better. Add in the changes to Omen of Clarity and we should avoid Oomkin status. Last time I specced Omen of Clarity it was in the balance tree lasted 10 mins & was consumed on use, so it’s come quite a long way since then

    Entangling roots indoors. I already knew about that from Alpha leaks. Still good to see it made it to beta, now fingers crossed it gets to live. Want to bet I’m jumping into WSG the day it does to root horde in the flag room & then set the trees on them

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