Tip top gear

We were in BT last night and downed Teron Gorefiend on the third try, think it was the third. I get so wrapped up in praying I don’t get the death debuff I lose track. There’s a mini-game to practice, which drives me mental as I do worse on that than when I do get the debuff.

He dropped an awesome priestly cowl & some gun, but more importantly for me two badges of Justice, which meant time to go get Blessed Elunite Coverings.

Granted I could have held on for 25 more badges and got Embrace of Starlight but the three gem sockets on the Elunite makes it the better choice.

Unbuffed Ari’s important stats are

  • Health 8504
  • Mana 9260
  • Bonus Damage: 1162
  • Hit Rating: 107 (8.48%)
  • Crit Chance: 18%
  • Mana Regen: 298/131

The hit rating is lower than I like but with 4% from talents & 4% from an ele shaman (Draenei) I should still be hitting the 16% cap, it means carrying the Malorne chest around for swapping in when I don’t have an ele shaman but I can live with that.

I was slavishly following the hit>damage>crit formula thats posted, well just about everywhere, but 13% crit in caster form was just too low. I’m aiming for 20% but thats going to need real upgrades from drops as looking at everything below t6 its always a trade off between hit or crit, with the odd haste gear thrown in.

I don’t get Blizz sometimes they say “we want to simplify the stats” but then introduce haste gear which eats up the item budget. Why not simply make haste an additional buff via bloodlust/heroism, drums of battle (shorten the cd or extend the duration) and bring in improved moonkin aura NOW. If Blizz want us to down bosses faster then there’s a simpler way decrease their HP rather than speed up our dps. We don’t do more damage with haste we just do it sooner.

I do have a haste belt Belt of the Crescent Moon it sits in the bank because I can’t afford to lose anymore crit or hit (okay crit my belt has no +hit on it)


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