Somewhat Mollified

Back into MH last night for Azgalor.

Decursing my little heart out (over 300 by the end of the night) and yay RL noticed and commented on good job.

Would have been completley mollified if a certain ‘helpful’ feral hadn’t whispered me before raid and had a conversation that went something like:

Feral:”I’ve been doing some research about dps rotations”

Me: “Oh? And did you discover that keeping IS & IFF is a personal dps loss?”

Feral: “MF/SFx4 is the best dps rotation”

Me: stunned silence (like thats it? thats what you want to tell me?)

Feral: “Could you try it tonight just for me?”

Me:”Did it occur to you I might already be doing that?” (okay I’m not its IS/MF SFx3 on bosses with i:FF as needed but thats because thats better for raid dps)

What I wish I’d said was “I’ve been doing that since Zul’Gurub, but tonight I’ll do it just for you”

Yes I know my dps is low. I know it better than any one else. I agonise over it, I read up I ‘talk’ to other moonkins. I download every simulator I can find and try and improve it. I’ve upgraded the PC tweaked my UI five ways to Friday, considered throwing in the towel & respeccing to resto after a really bad night, and with all the AOE in MH there are a fair few of them.

Some of it is pure and simple gear, there isn’t that much. I’m not adverse to cloth but we’re not doing Vashj so that awesome chest (and the T5 helm) is out of the question. The caster gear that does drop is usually hard dkp bidding because we’re caster heavy. (Which makes me wonder if i:FF is worth the talent points)

Just cos I don’t prattle on in Vent doesn’t mean I don’t know there’s an issue or that I’m not trying to sort it out.


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