This weekends goals


  1. Get Machica to 20
  2. Get Daxtari to 64
  3. Watch Dr Who season finale
  4. Stock up on consumables for raids
  5. Do the Sunwell dailies on Gwen

Deadline 6pm Sunday.

Update. Machica got to 20 at 5am Sunday morning. That sounds really bad but I wasn’t playing between 4pm & 12 am.

Had some stuff to do before sitting down to watch Dr Who (no spoilers) and then fell asleep on the sofa. Oh yes I’m old I need naps.

Took Mac back to Bloodmyst for the last two levels partly to get skills, partly to be in the right place for the totem quest at 20 and partly because it meant lots of easy green quests to do. So with 18 hours played shes’ acquired Snoopy form. I do like the enhancement talent that makes Snoopy form instant cast, it was really annoying after playing a druid for so long to not be able to shift instantly. Granted I need level 21 to have it but thats only one level to go.

It’s 6am should I have another nap or run Gwen through the dailies. Probably the latter don’t feel tired yet.

Ok so 11pm and Dax didn’t make it to 64 before tonights raid. She got a lot closer though from 8 bubble to 4 bubbles. All done grinding basilisk in Terrokar. A stack of Blackened Basilisk sells for 40G the Dampscale Basilisk Eyes do a roaring trade too, add in Fel Scales and general leather and its a profitable way to spend an afternoon. Would have got to 64 too if I hadn’t had to the weekly shop before logging on.

01:10 Ding!

Dax made it to 64 with nine hours played at 63. Not bad really. She has at least one more level of rested XP and I’m contemplating doing it just grinding Basilisk. Probably better if I don’t, Gwen has to eat those and I’d hate to get so burnt out that I can’t grind my own supplies. It will be good for top up grinding I need for a few levels yet though.


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